Will a smartphone control your world?

Do you think that it is possible that our obsession with the smartphone might be going a bit too far? How would you feel about having a smart toilet in your bathroom that can multitask? Ok they are more bidets but once your hear how these toilets can change your bathroom habits you may just want to rush out and buy one!

You can sync you smartphone via Bluetooth with your toilet so you are able to go about your business whilst listening to some soothing music from your playlist. The American version is slightly more self-sufficient with not only having the added luxury of heated seats with adjustable heat settings but ‘The “cleansing functions” are activated when the user sits down’.

Wake up in the middle of the night, blurry eyed and can’t quite make out the toilet bowl? No problem, these toilets have a ‘“soft nightlight” around the bowl.

It won’t be long before we are all living in a smart home, you can already see what is going on in your home through your smartphone instead of having a CCTV recording system in your home. British Gas are pushing their Hive heating system which can be controlled remotely. Google are promoting their driverless cars, lets not forget the smart toilet.

We already have apps to help with diets and calorie counting, apps to help you organise your wardrobe and create outfits.

All this relying on technology to do the thinking for us surely can’t be a good thing in the long run? We all want an easier life if you can afford it.

Call me a control freak but have any of the creators of hi-tech seen The Terminator, I Robot, The Simpsons: “House of Whacks”? Is there a fail-safe switch if these inventions go rogue? Ok, if everyone thought like this then we would all still be riding around in horse and carts and washing our clothes by hand down by the river. I think I’ll stick to doing some things the old fashioned way, like driving.


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