It’s rubbish day again!

20140605_SofaJunk1[1]It’s rubbish day again and from my previous blogs on this topic you will also know how caring and sharing people in my neighbourhood can be.20140605_SofaCushions[1]

Last night whilst sitting in our living room myself and my tenants heard some thudding noises against the outside wall. Knowing the following day was rubbish collection day we started playing a guessing game as to what the causes of the thudding sounds were. I guessed a sofa being left outside, tenant #1 guessed it was a bed and tenant #2 who is a new edition to the house didn’t have a clue what we were talking about. We explained the behaviour of some of the good natured people in the area and their way of recycling.

This morning as I put our rubbish bags out not only was there a sofa with matching cushions but also a barbeque! Of late here in the UK we have been blessed with more sun and warm temperatures than unusal with the occasional rainy days, so it was only fitting that someone had decided to leave their old barbeque outside for it to be rehomed.

Got kids? No more staying indoors and joining the couch potato club. Some thoughtful individual also left a child’s plastic chair and hidden under some bags there appears to be a child’s trampoline, perfect for keeping the kids entertained whilst the barbeque is on the go. At the end of the day put your feet up and relax on the upcycled sofa.

Some people in my neighbourhood maybe called many things but selfish isn’t one of them.



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