Cake bake and a bit of gardening

I had another long weekend last week, I spent some time making a birthday cake for my brother and attending a friend’s wedding.20140529_MohsinCake2014Table

IMG-20140530-MohsinCake2014It had been a while since I made a cake and it showed. On the plus side my piping letters is slowly getting better. The cake didn’t look too bad but the same couldn’t be said for my dining table.

The wedding was of a friend I met through work. It was a small event, but still fun. I took a friend as my plus one, we were a bit late as my friend got to mine late and we drove past the registry at first, it wasn’t clearly sign posted. Fortunately we made it to the registry office in time to at least hear the happy couple say ‘I do’.

I forgot to take pictures, it was one of the rare occasion I wore a skirt, nevermind. 🙂

Over the weekend my family got together to go for a meal for my brother’s birthday. Unfortunately by the time my sister and the kids got to my parents Nephew #1 was feeling unwell and was sick everywhere. We knew he wasn’t feeling well when he declined some chocolate cake, if anything he is usually the first one there waiting for his slice.  He’s on the mend now and together with his brother are back to terrorising my sister.Lawnmower

I bought a grown up toys this weekend, not those type of toys so get your minds out of the gutter! I bought a lawnmower and a strimmer! Ever since I bought my house I have been borrowing my parents lawnmower, but the time had come to purchase my own and the garden was starting to look like a jungle. I didn’t realise how exhausting a bit of grass cutting and trimming could be-my back is still dealing with the after effects, not to mention the various creepy crawlies lurking around!

I’m not a natural gardener, I’ve tried growing plants indoors and outdoors but the survival rate is not ever good. Think I’ll wait until my tenants are home next time to help out, maybe they’ll have better luck with the garden than me. 😀


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