Mr Sadist Black Belt

boxing-gloves-159920_1280I’m beginning to come to the conclusion that one of my kickboxing instructors is some kind of sadist!

A few weeks ago, we trained in what I have now termed ‘the circle of doom’. I missed last week’s class and found out the same thing happened to another girl I train with.  When you’re the only girl training you kind of develop a level of either pride or stupidty (deoending on which way you look at it) that you want to show no weakness in front of the guys. Like me she also sustained a few bruises, but also went all out and fought her corner well against the guys.

The bruise I had took about two weeks to disappear and is a reason why one of my tenants is a bit scared to try kickboxing.  I’ve explained to her it was one of those things that just happens now and then, but when you are in the zone, hurting each other is not something we intentionally set out to do. I won’t take her to my Thursday classes as I think she may find them a bit too intensive to start off with. Tuesday classes will be a nice introduction to the world of kickboxing if she feels like giving it a try.

Back to the sadist instructor. He’s a black belt and a really nice guy..when he is not sparring with you! He winded me then tells me to breathe! How, he’s pummelled the internal organs that enable me to breathe! I did manage to get a pretty good uppercut in that he wasn’t expecting. For some reason I have to get riled up a bit when sparring with Mr Sadist Black Belt and he knows this, but when he brings out that side I go for just didn’t happen last night.

When we switched partners I was rubbing the part where the wind got knocked out of me, all he said was Mr Sadist Black Belt’s name so at least I wasn’t the only one.

Afterwards he did say to all of us that we sparred well so I guess we must all be improving, he wouldn’t say it if we weren’t.

Saying all this, I still go back every week for more. Wonder what that says about me? :-s

Who cares, I’m a star and a happy one at that! 😀


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