Got some dirty laundry? Head to Twitter

DirtyLaundryWhat was meant to be a private text message exchange between a 17 year old boy and his cheating ex has gone viral thanks to him posting the conversation onto Twitter. This is one way to get back at a cheating ex, not a route I would choose to go down but then again I’m not a teenager.


This type of behaviour is not reserved just for the younger generation, we’ve seen before how scorned lovers have taken to social media to vent and share their anger, hurt and frustrations out to the world.


On YouTube you can find videos of spouses, girl/boyfriends caught in compromising positions with people other than their partner. To an outsider looking in this can seem entertaining but we fail to see that these are people’s lives and those associated with them that are going to be affected long after the internet world has forgotten about them and moved onto someone else’s embarrassment.


Many would agree that the behaviour of this teen and others like him did was appropriate for the situation, but is it really?


It’s not unknown that social media can be a toxic environment sometimes resulting in tragic consequences. Aren’t we encouraging the public vilification of people by liking, re-tweeting, sharing such posts? It’s like a modern day version of a public flogging or being held in the stocks whilst a crowd gathers to heckle and throw rotten vegetables at the accused.


I’d like to say there is time to change the way we view social media but I think it’s possibly too late. We’re all in our own shows with social media as our stage, smile for your paparazzi.


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