Jinxed Garden Shed

Not sure if you all know about my jinxed shed. I have been trying to get this fixed since I moved into my house.

First there was the problem of having what remained of the asbestos roof removed and disposed of correctly.

Then there was finding a builder who would be able to repair the roof.

Then muppet / s decided to break into my house so funds had to be redirected to operation fort knox.

Focus has now returned to the shed, even more so as now I have a lawnmower and a strimmer sitting in my hallway!

20140608_Shed1[1]The shed, or what remains of it is at least 40 + years old and because of this, according to a builder, has degraded over the years. A builder who on face value seemed legitimate has advised that20140608_Shed2[1] one wall at least needs to come down completely. If the remaining two walls can stand without the need of the middle wall then he would build a front wall and roof and add a door. Otherwise the whole thing should come down, in his opinion, and purchase a new shed from a DIY store.

Past builders have said they could repair the walls and put on a roof and a new door, patch up the walls but this could work out just as expensive.20140608_Shed3[1]

After sending pictures to a friend and asking her husband’s opinion, taking on board the builders suggestions and based on the age of the shed I am considering knocking down the remaining walls and starting afresh. I don’t want to have think about repairing the thing again should the walls start to crumble completely. Or worst, whilst the builder who said they could do the repairs does a bodge job just for the money.

Any builders out there, who could offer some advice or give their opinion as at the moment I am in a bit of a quandary…or I could just flip a coin.


2 thoughts on “Jinxed Garden Shed

  1. I would knock it down and start again from scratch

    If you get quotes to repair the old and compare with the cost of putting up a new one, you’ll probably find not much difference in price

    P.S. at least your flymo’s in the house – mine’s still travelling to and from work in the boot of my car 😆


  2. You might be right about the shed.
    I had a few repair quotes last and one from this year ranging from £350 to £550, so not much difference to the cost of knocking down the walls / removal of rubbish and buying a new shed.

    Lol, at some point you will remember to take it out of your boot. 😀


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