Charity boxing match

20140607_Me&Tracy[1]I went to the charity boxing match with my friend and training partner, Tracy, on Saturday. Those taking part were a part of the Ambulance, Police, Fireman and Prison services. The guy we went along to support, Chris, was from the ambulance service.

There was also a raffle to help raise money for a young girl suffering from, I think Leukaemia, it was difficult to hear but me and Tracy bought a strip of raffles tickets anyway. It’s all for a good cause.

We got a bit lost finding the venue but got their just before the first fight. When we eventually found the rest of our friends and kickboxing club members we found out our friend James was also going to be taking part. Sly dog, kept that one quiet, so it was only fair that he got punched for being a secret squirrel.

It was good to see a few familiar faces, some of us train on different days so we don’t get to see each other that often. Our other friend, Emma, videoed the fights one her phone. I’ll see if I can get hold of the footage. Both guys fought well, I thought James held back as he could have easily taken his opponent down. As far as I know it was his first competition fight and was most likely a bit nervous. That aside both Chris and James fought well.

Maybe it’s a male macho, testosterone, adrenaline over load type of thing but the guys were seriously pummelling each other. I’m not sure what the fighters from the prison service have for breakfast but they were pretty brutal in my opinion. Their opponents put up a good fight, but there is only so much you can do when there is a flurry of punches coming at your head!

Bearing in mind many of the fighters were not boxers it was a really good night. There was one knockout and one broken nose which isn’t too bad considering there were about 22 fights in total.

mcdonalds-Filet-O-Fish-Extra-Value-MealsTowards the end of the evening Tracy and I were starving. We hadn’t eaten before we came and there wasn’t any food at the venue. After we said our goodbyes to everyone, hopefully not completely ruined a blossoming romance between a friend and a new lady friend, (we were just gauging if she was a nutter and seeing if she would like to come to our kickboxing class. 😉 ) we headed over to Macdonald’s as that was one of the few places open at 11.30.

Fortunately me and Tracy are similar in personality and were happy to people to watch whilst we ate. Saturday night in Romford is an interesting experience and not one I am in a hurry to recreate. But the range of characters of varying ages was entertaining, some nice fashion ensembles others looked the only way I can describe as different.

Overall it was a good night out with our club members and I got to go to my first ever boxing match!


2 thoughts on “Charity boxing match

    • Glad to see you back, how was your family and your break?
      I wear gloves as well. 🙂

      lol, nope still hanging in there, instructor is encouraging me to go for my next belt though I’m not feeling confident about it!

      I am good thank you 🙂


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