Fashion police; don’t distract the boys

UK schools have some form of uniform, though expensive can solve a lot fashion problems such as Armani vs Primark, who has the latest trainers etc. It can also show a form of unity and outsiders can recognise the school a pupil attends based on said uniform. As always the uniform is a set of boundaries to be flirted with, girls shortening their skirts to a length that is not in agreement with the uniform policy, pupils not wearing the correct shoes, clothing with the school emblem etc. This type of rebellious behaviour is considered minor when compared to the problems girls in USA schools are dealing with.

For those of you who don’t know, the majority of schools in the USA don’t have a uniform so students can decide for themselves what they want to wear. Seems simple enough, no need to pay extortionate prices for blazers, jumpers with the schools emblem, specific school shoes. However it would seem some schools are putting their foot down. In order to protect the young minds of their male students from the distraction of girls in leggings, short skirts and spaghetti strap tops, teachers are arming themselves with rulers, measuring tapes and a staGirl25272_640sh of oversized t-shirts as they patrol the school catwalk hallways.

Regardless of what a female student is wearing, appropriate or not, it is the wording and reasons behind the banning of certain items of clothing, length of shorts and skirts.

..distracting for male students

distraction to the male population of the school.

Dress code debate over schoolgirls ‘distracting’ boys

because of our bra straps, and that it was inappropriate because some of the male teachers, and male students found it distracting for them.” – Girls were wearing spaghetti strap tops.

We already have cultures where women are forced to cover up for fear of enticing illicit thoughts and unwanted attention from the opposite sex.

Countries where women are not allowed to go out without a male chaperone, being covered from head to toe for their own protection from the animalistic nature of men. Should anything horrendous such as an attack or sexual harassment occur then clearly it is the females fault for despite hiding her womanly curves clearly males have no control of their own bodies and urges to prevent them from behaving like sexually deprived monsters.

Reading the stories in countries where men think they have the right to mistreat and harass a female because they are ‘men’ seems to be ingrained into the male mind. Take the attacks on women in India and the attack on a woman walking through a Cairo university.

Now in the West we are seeing how young girls are being told the way they are dressing is a distraction to the opposite sex as if male members of society have no self-control. Every time they see a bit of naked female flesh their mind wanders and they become too ‘distracted’ affecting their ability to study / work.

What message is this sending out to females that they are to be ashamed of their bodies? All this nonsense that women are the weaker sex when all along it was a ruse to mask fear, fear of the kind power us women have over men! 😉

Not only this but what message is being sent out to boys / men? That they are a slave to their hormones but it’s ok if you get distracted by the female form because it is not your fault, it’s the females because she chose to dress that way?

With any type of clothing for both male and female, young and old, there is a time and place. Many parents would object to their child leaving the house practically naked, some maybe not, but focusing on one gender is already causing a stir.

What makes the creators of these rules think us females don’t get distracted by a hot guy in a tight t-shirt, or is it because these people think us females have better self-control and are less easily distracted? 😉


5 thoughts on “Fashion police; don’t distract the boys

  1. this is an excellent post. In Australia all schools have a uniform, public, private (independent), and faith based. It is for precisely the reason you argue that it should be for: uniformity of dress code, school identification and pride.

    I could not agree with you more regarding the pathetic arguments being used by the US schools. The uniform must be for the purposes upon which we agree. To openly suggest that it’s because it distracts males is both demeaning to the young women, and insulting to those of us males who do not objectify women.

    I look forward to more of your writing.

    My warmest regards,



    • Exactly! The arguments completely vilifiy these young girls whilst trying to justify their behaviour with lame and pathetic excuses.
      Kids need to be kids and to be taught to respect one another, somthing I don’t think these schools are encouraging with their behaviour.

      I’m glad you liked the post and thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. I agree with Jeff – an excellent post, indeed !

    and you make some good points – esp. your last paragraph

    in fact, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologise to all those female classmates of so many years ago whose exam performance and career aspirations were ruined by an inability to concentrate as a result of the distracting thoughts elicited by my devilishly handsome appearance and rippling muscles outlined in a tight t- shirt and hipster jeans [I didn’t wear school uniform] 😆

    seriously, though, Foz – violence against women and children sickens me. It goes against everything I was brought up to believe in. My parents taught me that women should be respected and it was my duty as a man to protect them, and I am ashamed of my fellow men when I read of the violent rape of women and children in the likes of Utter Pradesh

    women do not ask to be raped

    there is a long history (adam and eve) of men blaming women for eliciting lustful, uncontrollable thoughts and deeds

    this is nonsense

    the vast majority of men have no problem controlling their libido

    if we want to reduce sexual violence against women, we need to stop blaming women for arousing unbridled emotions in men by what they wear, do, or say – and focus on changing the attitudes/behaviour of men towards women !

    I’ll stop now before I get carried away and go in to a long rant on this subject

    enjoy your weekend, Foz – hope it’s a good one

    P.S. got my Flymo out from the boot of my car and cut the grass on Wednesday 😆


    • Thank you 🙂

      Lol, I’m sure all those females who were distracted by your ‘devilishly handsome appearance and rippling muscles outlined in a tight t- shirt and hipster jeans’ appreciate the apology 😉

      I agree with you, the mindset of individuals, both men and women have to change if there is to be any progress. Although at times I feel that society / country/world are just taking too many step backwards to a time we shuold really be moving away from.

      Yes as women we have to take responsibility for ourselves, how we dress, how we behave but isn’t that the same for everyone, it is not gender specific.

      I know it may sound awful but I do believe that everyone should learn some form of self defence, especially as we’re now made more aware of the many nutters out there!

      Rant away, I know that this is a sensitive subject.

      Good to hear the flymo made its way out of the darkness of the boot of your car to cut the grass 🙂

      Operation shed repair is underway…one wall is gone, reamining two were solid enough to keep. By the end of this week, after nearly 5 years I will have a shed!

      Hope you had a good weekend. 🙂


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