Food glorious food, with a bit of training thrown in!

This week I finally got my booty into gear and registered on an online food hygiene course. I’m working my way through the modules, who would have thought that eating left over rice the following day in terms of bacteria is a bad idea.

20140617_MondayBlueberryMuffins[1]20140617_085904[1]Tuesday unknowingly became cake day, I needed to use up some yoghurt and a work colleague brought in some homemade carrot cake, add to this the birthday cakes brought in by another colleague. It was a sugary, fatty, carbby inducing day – perfect!

During the week, myself and two friends decided to venture out of our town towards Gants Hill. The plan was to maybe have some Indian food, that then changed to Chinese food we ended up in a Thai restaurant. Although the staff looked like they had sucked on a bag of lemons with attitudes to match we couldn’t fault the atmosphere and the quality of the food. If you venture that way be sure to check out the Elephant Royale.20140618_193200[1]

One friend and I were full up, literally we were at the ‘need to undo the top button on our jeans to be able to breathe’ stage. Our other friend still had room for dessert! Nearby there was a little coffee shop called Cakes and Shakes. Not going to lie it did take a bit of time to get served and for our orders; hot chocolate, Oreo milkshake & Oreo cheescake with white vanilla ice-cream, to come but it was worth the wait. This place has had mixed online reviews, mostly about the staff but we didn’t have any problems.

Phase one of the evil shed is set to begin today. It is going to be a step by step process, knock one wall down first to see how the remaining two hold up. If they are ok then phase two involving building one wall and a roof can begin. Otherwise phase one will be extended to knock down all three walls, a fence being erected in place of one demolished wall. Phase two will involve me purchasing a shed and then having that built.

My sister may pop round with the kids, if she does and the garden is a safe zone I may set my demonic nephews to work on a bit of gardening and weed pulling. It’s important they learn about these things at an early age. 😉

Started training for my red belt this week. It’s a good thing I have about a month and a half before grading as although my kicks are improving I am nowhere near ready. I need to do some stretching then some more stretching before I’ll be at the level I want to be at. I found this YouTube video online to help with hip exercises and have found it useful and a good way to test just how tight my hips actually are, guys don’t get distracted by the instructor in the video!


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