Shed repair, creepy neighbours & beauty experiments!

As mentioned in one of my blogs posts, phase one of the evil shed repair began on Friday. Fortunately the two outer walls were strong enough to stand up on their own, measurements have been taken for the roof and the middle wall so with a bit of luck I could have a completed, functional shed by the end of the week-I’m trying to contain my excitement!

20140620_Garden[1]I’m thinking of building bridges with my neighbours as at the moment they have a habit of just staring that gives me the creeps. So instead of staring back I’m go down the nice, nice route and actually say ‘hello’, throw them off a bit and see what happens. I doubt the conversation will go much further as I don’t think they can speak English!

One of my housemates was home that day so we decided to tackle the jungle of a garden. We trimmed the trees, cleared the rubbish, bags were filled up and taken to the dump. It was an exhausting, back breaking experience but the garden looks a bit bigger and we easily use the washing line! We know my history with gardening, plants just do not survive for very long in my care, but for some reason the strawberry plant has been revived for another year and is back in bloom along with another plant that I definitely thought had given up the ghost and gone onto the big ol’ garden in the sky! With renewed confidence I’ve bought a chilli plant, what are its chances of survival is anyone’s guess! I feel like we should have a moment of prayer to wish this chilli plant a long and happy life..or at least until the end of the summer which isn’t very long in the UK!

20140621_MirchMasalStarter[1]20140621_MirchMasalaMain[1]Saturday I visited an Indian restaurant called Mirch Masala. I’m not a great fan of Indian food places as I always end up comparing it my mums cooking however, in this case I have to admit the food was surprisingly good. I would say if you can avoid using the toilets. I don’t know what the men’s was like but I definitely was not impressed with the ladies. I skipped dessert as there was no way I was going to manage anything sweet. With a full stomach and the warm weather I’m surprised I wasn’t practically comatose!

All my ingredients to make a few homemade beauty treatments arrived. Experiment #1 was the body lotion. At first it all looked like it was going well until the oils and wax had set, the final product looked like a candle. Using some cheap hand whisks I pumped those arm muscles until the block resembled a creamy texture. Overall I’m pleased with my first attempt, I’m reusing a Nutella jar for now.

20140622_LipBalm[1]Experiment #2 was the lip balm. This is so easy to make, bit of beeswax, bit of coconut oil few drops of peppermint, melt it all down, let it set and there we have lip balm.

The time seems to be zooming by, I’m looking into practicing making some fondant cupcake toppers, not sure of what yet, will let you know how they go. 🙂


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