Is this week over yet?

Though not the worst, it also hasn’t been the best week.

The first kickboxing class of the week, in my opinion, was cr@p. Just when I feel I’m improving, a break from classes here and there has led to me digressing. It could be where the instructor is pushing me to improve by picking out where I’m going wrong, though it felt like most of what I was doing was wrong.

I bought a nice high waisted pencil skirt in a size I am usually comfortable in. It’s fine as long as I don’t stand sideways, eat or breathe! I’m hoping that the bloated look I had going on is just water retention, I’m no good with any form of dieting. My last attempt at a ‘lifestyle’ change lasted about a week.

To add to the mix, I’ve been having spot break outs to the extent I feel like I could be a poster girl for an acne product, this shouldn’t happen to someone of my age, but alas it has. All I can say is thank goodness for concealor!

I know these are not considered ‘real’ problems to complain about and there are many others who have ‘proper’ reasons to feel a bit cr@p, but let me have this one.

It may not sound like it but there were some positives to this week.

Fortunately the second kickboxing lesson of the week was slightly better. I wasn’t in the best of moods to begin with, that most likely helped with the aggression side. A few difficult moves and spinning kicks thrown in, bit dizzy by the end but worked up a disgustingly good sweat. To top it off I was home in time to watch ‘2 Broke Girls’.

20140625_BananaNutella[1]Thanks to some over ripe banana’s my kitchen was smelling of eau de banana, what else could I do but make muffins with them. I found this quick and easy banana and Nutella recipe. Despite me not ‘swirling’ the Nutella enough the muffins were a hit and with the fruit content surely should count as one of my five a day. 😉

In case you didn’t know (where have you been) I also have a working shed which hopefully I will start filling up this weekend.

Next week, I’m hoping it will be a bloated, acne free one and I’ll just overall be in a better mood. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Is this week over yet?

  1. I find fault with the whole “other problems are worse” self beat-up. We are entitled to have bad days even if, in a global context, they seem trivial. They may be, but at that moment they are real to us.

    Recognising their triviality once we calm down, as you did, is what makes us truly caring about the real plights faced by those so much less fortunate than us.

    Keep writing…

    J. 😊


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