Kickboxing; I ‘glowed’ profusely!

Last night there was a bit of confusion over which room we were going to have our regular kickboxing class. There is a new gym manager who wasn’t aware of the regular, weekly kickboxing class so had double booked the hall we usually use with another martial arts class. We were eventually ‘housed’ in a studio that had half-filled free standing punch bags, this is so they are easier to move. These things are good and evil at the same time, perfect for trying to improve my kicks but it also means the instructor stepped it up a gear last night to the point I thought I was going to throw up! xxl-wavemaster-free-standing-punch-bagThis can be seen as a good thing as it means I’m pushing myself especially when I can still stand up at the end of it. As you know girls don’t sweat, we glow and I was glowing a lot throughout the class, imagine being the only girl in a room full of sweaty guys? Kindly get your minds out of the gutter as there was nothing sexy about last night’s training.

I was partnered with someone who had, had a break from training and was now back. It worked out well for me as he was able to give me some tips on how to improve. Downside is trying to support the half-filled bags whilst he kicked took some getting used to.

Took part in sparring this week and was colossally beat, nursing a few bruises today. I’m pretty sure one of the guys who likes to tease me was cheating a bit with leg swipes and grabs, it’s a kickboxing class not MMA! He says he wasn’t and that I’m just a sore loser, I still think he cheated!bathroom_scale_clip_art_23558

I weighed myself at my parents last night, I don’t have scales in my house. Either the scales are wrong or I have lost a little bit of weight, it was only a few pounds. Losing weight isn’t something I planned to do as I’m fine with how I am, I can only think the weight loss is down to me eating less junk food and snacking. I don’t feel any different and still have energy but will keep an eye on it to make sure I don’t lose any more weight.

I was speaking with a friend over the weekend who used to go kickboxing before she moved many moons ago. Since then she has tried different class and different martial art styles but hasn’t been able to find a class where she felt comfortable enough to go on a regular basis. It’s something that also concerns me, In my friends case, fingers crossed she has finally found a class she is happy at, she has gone from kickboxing to Muay Thai. In that sense I am lucky enough to train with the people that I do, even if some of them cheat!


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