Cake me baby one more time!

I’ve been having a bit of a baking fest, it had been a while since and I missed it!

banner-blueAt the beginning of the month it was my sister’s birthday, the majority of us got together the weekend before to celebrate. Instead of a birthday cake she had birthday cupcakes made by yours truly. This way there was no faffing around with cutting and who got the bigger slice. The most difficult decision was which flavour and letter to go for! For a change my demonically yet angelic nephews ate all of the cake and not just the icing.

banner-blueIt is currently the month of Ramadan, I know I am a bad Muslim for not fasting but one of my tenants is. We missed her birthday the week before so to make up for it we had a takeaway feast when her fast opened. I know she has an unhealthy addiction to Oreo biscuits, being the caring person I am helped her with her addiction by baking her some Oreo biscuit fudgy brownies. I used a recipe from Lorraine Pascale and at first was a bit dubious as it used a lot of eggs and only 2 tablespoons of flour. From the picture it looks a bit messy, once cut up it is definitely a ‘go to’ cake in times of an emotional crisis…or if I just fancy something gooey and chocolaty to go with some ice cream! Usually after a heavy kickboxing session, I need to regain some of those lost calories somehow. 😉

I’m not sure if this is an acquired taste, during my drizzle cake experiment phase I used limes and tested the end results out on a friend and her kids. banner-blueIt’s not a completely unpleasant taste but as this friend put it the taste was ‘unusual.’ Saying that, her kids liked it enough that they have been asking for some, so I made them some. It could be my own creative imagination but when the cake came out of the oven it looked like there was a smiley face on top, it was a happy cake!

It was a week for unusual baking, I’ve heard of using beetroot in chocolate cakes but not ever sweet potato. A friend at work brought some sweet potato brownies in, the guys had to guess what the secret ingredient was, one person suggested Marmite! FYI there is a recipe to make Marmite cupcakes.

banner-bluebanner-blueOn top of baking there have been a few birthdays, so this was my breakfast for a few days.  Not the healthiest but also not a bad way to start the day.

Have a good week peeps!


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