What happened last week…

Last week was a complete dud. I caught a cold which meant I was good for nothing most of the week, no kickboxing, I had planned to go wall climbing but had to give that a miss.

By the weekend I had somewhat recovered enough to handle a visit from my nephews and niece, visit a friend in Kent and….paint the inside of my shed a nice yellow. I’m a female and it’s my shed so I can paint it any colour I like, and it was the only colour I already had enough tins of at home. I also managed to start filling up the shed, I can now say I have a shed with some junk in. 😀

Birthday Cake

It will be nephew #1 birthday soon, time has gone quick! He is going to be starting primary school in September, forget his mum; my sister, I don’t think the rest of the family are ready for him to go to primary school!

Whilst nephew #2 hijacked my phone to watch Thomas the Tank Engine on YouTube, nephew #1 and I discussed his early birthday party with his nursery friends which is going to happen end of August. It was a serious discussion about the type of birthday cake he was to have, we looked at various pictures and designs online. We settled on cupcakes with wafer sugar toppers, I had already ordered them, and a superhero birthday cake. Not sure yet if the cake will be for the nursery party or his actual birthday in September, oh and I’m going to be attempting to make it!


That evening I visited my friend who is about 4 months pregnant, she just looked a bit bloated 😉 This friend wanted to make some cookies, bearing in mind she didn’t have all the ingredients or owns any weighing scale. Using a jug to measure ingrediants we winged it, threw in some crushed malteasers, cinnamon powder and hoped for the best. We couldn’t be bothered to make individual ones so spooned the whole mixtures onto a baking tray to make one large cookie. What we ended up with was not something you could call a cookie, it wasn’t a cake either, it was more like a chocolaty, cinnamony pancake that tasted good. I think I may have to try and replicate it.

By now we were hungry and neither of us had tried Lebanese food before so decided to give that a go. We tried a restaurant / cafe style place at Bluewater shopping centre called Comptoir Libanais, there I discovered I’m not too keen on falafel and that when a description says lamb, mozzarella and tomatoes on a pitta bread it means pizza! It was a nice pizza, but still a pizza. All the food, drink and staff were very nice and accommodating. I think I would like to try Lebanese food again but maybe somewhere else with a larger menu option.


Sunday was shed painting! By the end of it all I was exhausted! Pleased and completely chuffed with myself but still my body felt broken to the point that even the stairs to drag myself up to bed seemed so far away. I was ok until I sat down, then the excited energy started to wear off and the tiredness kicked in. Still it was worth it!

I also found out that my neighbours like to use their shed to go and have a smoke, at one point point I thought about saying smoking is bad for but I don’t really know them all that well, I don’t think they speak English and they look a bit scary with their whole empty death stare look. So I just put my music on and carried on with painting and fighting off the spiders with the broom who weren’t too impressed with me ‘invading’ their space.

This week

I would like to say that I’m on better form this week and hope to go training, wall climbing etc but right now I am modelling the ‘bunged’ up look teamed with a Rudolph red nose. It’s not a look I imagine will be seen on many beauty shows but is the look I am currently promoting.


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