HappySunWe’re in the midst of heatwave in the UK. I know, ‘UK’ and ‘heatwave’ in the same sentence!

When the sun comes out to play strange things happen to people.

Drivers somehow develop the inability to drive in their own lanes and try to straddle the white line dividing the lanes. I’ve seen this happen a few times since the sun has appeared. I would like to say they are distracted by the hordes of gods / goddesses walking along the side of the roads but this is on the A roads..all there is along the side of the road are trees and the occasional field!

The sun comes out and many people suddenly think they have the bodies of Aphrodite or Adonis, I guess it’s like the mirrors you can get at funfairs that distort your appearance, or wearing beer goggles. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but for some perhaps their ‘beauty’ should be a private matter and not shared with everyone. In other words put that t-shirt back on and put your booty away..time and place people.

cartoon_lobsterThis behaviour is linked to the ‘red lobster’ look. Despite being advised by Public Health England to consider staying out of the sun during the hottest part of the day and to wear sun cream with a high factor for some this look becomes part of summer fashion. The need to look like a lobster is up there with the need to look like an orange. Both looks I avoid, they don’t work with my skin tone.

banner-blueI thought the sun was meant to make people happy, seems the sun’s rays don’t have that effect on everyone. I’m not always sure if the red face is because of the sun or related to the steam coming out of their ears.

Enjoy the mini heatwave but be ready to put away the paddling pools and be on standby with the rubber dinghy’s as thunderstorms, heavy rain are heading back to the UK this weekend. 😀


3 thoughts on “Heatwave!

  1. i’m a perverse person

    i love winter and deep snow

    i love standing out during a torrential thunderstorm and feeling the rain against my skin

    but I can’t stand the sun

    oh, i enjoy a warm, pleasant day but if it gets too hot I get miserable

    i can’t lie on a beach or in a park soaking up the sun – after a few minutes, i’m hot and bothered and looking for some shade

    i’ve got a ‘free’ weekend this week (nothing planned) – if it is a heatwave in Birmingham, I intend to ‘hide’ from it in the comfort and shade of my gazebo and have a lazy weekend catching up on my reading or watching some movies on my laptop

    oh, and there may be some wine involved as well 😆

    enjoy your weekend – watch you don’t get sunstroke !


    • Lol I know you mean.
      Some people love the heat, the hotter the better, I’m not one of them I prefer Autumn, not too hot or cold.

      You too..watch out for the thunderstorms!


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