Kickboxing: Hold the pads in the right place!

It’s no secret I enjoy kickboxing, even the bruises, the sweating the adrenaline rush. Ok maybe not the part where I generally feel like I’m going to vomit my guts out but most of it. So you can imagine how peeved I get when I’m partnered with someone who can’t be bothered to put in a bit of effort or acts like they don’t want to be there.

For me and others I train with, kickboxing isn’t just a health conscious thing or learning how to fight it’s also about having a bit of fun and meeting new people. This doesn’t mean when we train we act like it’s a walk in the park we put in a lot of effort and try to improve the moves, after all we’re all going to get better with practice. This also applies to the person you are partnered with, you can only improve if they encourage you, hold the pads correctly for you and don’t stand there biting their nails or wincing when my leg connects with theirs because they couldn’t be bothered to hold the pads in the right bloody place to begin with.

I’ve reached the point where I am going to execute the moves whether the pads are the right place or not. Fortunately the instructor adjusted the pads of the person I was partnered with so I could do a kick or a punch as close to being correct as possible but still mid-way through the set that person would act like they’ve lost interest and the pads would go back to where they were before they were adjusted. Stop biting or picking at your nails or whatever it is you are doing and hold the flipping pads with a bit of support behind them and in the right place, seriously is it too much to ask for?

I just don’t get it, if you don’t want to be there then why pay your money every week? The only reason I’m paired with some people is because there is a lack of females in the class, but how can I improve if I’m not with someone who doesn’t seem interested in improving themselves or aren’t able push me to also do better without me coming across as a total and complete b1tch? Answers, anyone because I am at a total loss. Yes one person in particular is much younger than me, I have given up even making small talk because the nonsense that comes out of their mouth just gives me a headache.

Is it because the instructor comes round and says I’m doing well, they do that to everybody in the class! Or because I joke not flirt but joke around with some of the guys in the class? Is it an attention issue that I’m not aware of? Or is it simply that this person is just a colossal pain in the booty?

Towards the end of the class the person I was paired with gave up and sat out, it was only 5 minutes until the end of the class, the instructor held the pads for me so that was ok.

I know I am probably sounding unfair and unreasonable but people, guys and girls, if you don’t want to make an effort then don’t come. You won’t be chastised for making mistakes and the kickboxing classes I’ve been to, the people are very nice, helpful with higher grades advising how to make a kick or punch more powerful. But if you have that glazed look on your face that gives the impression there is tumbleweed blowing through the gap between your ears then spare the person you will be partnered with. Either partner with someone else who also just likes to tell people ‘oh I go kickboxing’ or just stay home.


4 thoughts on “Kickboxing: Hold the pads in the right place!

  1. I’m glad you enjoy kick-boxing, Fozia

    glad you enjoy the exercise, the testing yourself against others, and the friendship and camaraderie of your fellow classmates

    [but there’s a part of me that feels sad that women in this country feel the need to take up a martial art in order to feel safe when they go out at night !]

    anyways, you don’t say it – but was the partner you were paired with, a male by any chance ?

    a male who felt it beneath his dignity to be paired with a mere female ? 😆

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    • The day comes when I have children of my own, they will be learning some form of self defence. My 4 year old nephew is learning kung fu, though he is so placid hitting anyone isn’t in his nature, however the 2.5 year old nephew would have no problem taking you down!

      Oddly enough the partner I was paired with was female. Usually people I’ve been partnered with, male or female, have been good. If anything when paired with a guy they encourage me to hit them harder.

      This one class there are only about 4 females on a good day so I’m usually partnered with the same person.
      Advise being given by others is to kick / punch in the right position and if she gets hit then she will learn to hold the pads in the right place, though this person may then just sit out of the lesson until she feels like joining again..or go on her phone! I am beginning to wonder if it is an age thing, she doesn’t know it but I am at least 10 years older than her and I’m finding out that many of the other guys who train are also aged 30+.
      Either way I don’t know what to do 😦

      I have to stop now otherwise this rant is going to continue.


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