Hot weather & me intimidating? Of course not :-D

It has been hot, I don’t mind a bit of heat but this humidity is doing nothing my hair!

All I can say is thank goodness for makeup, I don’t think I’ve had a full night’s sleep since this ‘warm’ weather has started hence much needed makeup…even though it seems to ‘melt’ off when I start ‘glowing’ in this heat. There’s a cute image for you 😉

In my blog piece heatwave I talked about how a bit of sun can affect people’s fashion sense. Subtle requests for people to dress with some class in this weather has fallen on deaf ears resulting in sunny Cornwall taking a more direct yet polite approach with this sign. Whether members of the public heed this advice is another matter, made me laugh anyway..I know I have a problem, I’m a sizeist, I’ve come to terms with it!CornwallSignI maybe venturing into the lions den this weekend, also known as my sister’s house, a water fight may possibly be on the cards depending on the weather. You’re not ever too old for a water fight, though I have a feeling the cute faced nephews are not going to play fair..hmmm. Don’t be fooled by the angelic exterior of children, beneath the surface lies a crafty and clever being that can play an adult without them even knowing they have been ‘had’ by a child. Don’t turn your back on them either, silence with kids is a bad thing, that is when they are plotting. I’m sooo going to lose at this water fight, maybe we’ll just play in the park instead, it sounds like a much safer option…for me.

20140720_CuteCupcakesChoc[2]I like baking, I like eating the occasional sweet treat. Throughout the World Cup it seemed my office turned into a mini bakery, if my breakfast didn’t contain at 20140711_WorldCupCaked[1]least one cream cake there was something wrong. The people on my floor were doing a sweepstake guessing the winners and predicting the score. For some reason the winner of the sweepstake then brought in cakes for everyone.

The warm weather does make baking difficult. Aside from the fact the oven heats up the kitchen and living room whilst I’m trying to keep the house cool with open windows, doors and a fan. Working with fondant is a trial, as for working with chocolate complete nightmare. Still somehow I managed to put these little cuties together.

If you didn’t already know I am currently single but do dabble in the dating scene when I have the patience for it. I’m aware of my flaws but like with many things I have come to accept them, it isn’t necessarily my fault if other people can’t. Something my tenant said to me did make me giggle, when I meet a nice guy maybe I should not come across as being too independent and strong minded as I could be intimidating. In the words of my tenant, guys like to take care of us girls so try not to dent their ego. It’s not like I do or say things intentionally it just happens. I can handle a bit of spoiling and being taken care off but I can’t always hide the fact that I can also do some things myself without the need for a guy. It’s something I could work on but in all fairness I don’t see why I should. Maybe that will change when I do eventually meet the right one for me, I’ll become accustomed to being looked after and become a lady of leisure having coffee morning ..who am I kidding I think we all know that being a feisty independent and at times colossal pain in the booty is just part of my charming personality. 😀


4 thoughts on “Hot weather & me intimidating? Of course not :-D

  1. you’re an attractive woman, Fozia

    it’s just a matter of time before you meet a man who appreciates not just your beauty but your character and personality too !


    • ‘Blush Blush’, lol thanks Duncan! 😀

      Lets hope I meet the ‘right one’ soon, I’ve managed to dodge the arranged / introduction marriage bullet so far, but have a feeling if I’ve not got someone in the pipeline before i’m say 38-40 the ‘aunties’ are going to be all over it like a rash! 😮

      I’m safe for at least another 2 years LOL!


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