The baking cinnamon challenge is on!

Want to take part in a cinnamon challenge?

No, I don’t mean the stupid one where the challenger is filmed ‘swallowing a spoonful of ground cinnamon in under 60 seconds without drinking anything, then upload the video to the Internet. I’m talking about the baking kind.

I’ve previously mentioned the jar of cinnamon a friend bought me whilst on a recent trip to Costco. I don’t want to waste any of this spice so have decided to try and make at least one baked treat a week that contains cinnamon. I’ve kicked started off this self imposed challenge with a walnut and cinnamon muffin, and a sultana and cinnamon bread. The muffins were a 20140811_Walnut_CinnamonMuffins[1]first for me and turned out well. There bread, though pretty looking is a bit on the dense side. Every time I try to make this bread something goes a bit wrong 20140811_CinnamonBread[1]hence the brick effect this time round.

Even though my ‘bread’ did turn out stodgy and could be used as a weapon according to my taste testers the flavours were there and weren’t adverse from taking another bit. I have not given up hope of making a decent cinnamon bread, it just didn’t happen this time.

Another plus side of baking with cinnamon is  my house smelt nice and dare I say it, even a bit homely and cosy whilst the weather outside had turned nasty with wind and rain!

I really need to work on choosing ‘nice’ backgrounds for my baking pictures, in my defence it was about 9.30 and I my adrenaline levels were nearly depleted. Ok, that sounds more like an excuse but…hmm it’s the best reason I’ve got for now!

I will post the recipe I used for the walnut and cinnamon muffins at some point.

I have some cinnamon related recipes to keep me going for now I just hope I and whoever become my guinea pigs don’t get sick and tired of cinnamon or develop some kind of allergy to the spice!

I’ve already inspired a work colleague to take part in the cinnamon challenge, or I should say his wife who he texted asking for some cinnamon related baked goodies.

Do you have any go to cinnamon related recipes, don’t be shy, share! 😀


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