My new glasses!

During a trip to Margate, Kent I lost my glasses leaving me with only my spare pair, considering the klutz I am I’m surprised either pair lasted as long as they did / have!20140729_RedGlasses[1]

20140728_Supergirlglasses[1]The problem I have with glasses is that many of the adult sized glasses are either too big or too wide for me so I tend to buy from the teenage section. Although slightly cheaper than adult glasses it is a pain to find something that isn’t glitzed up to the eyeballs with diamantes. It doesn’t help when the sales assistant is trying to sell you glasses that are doublt the price and clearly look like clown glasses on me!

In the end I chose two frames that I liked. I call one pair my Clark Kent / Super Girl glasses. I quite like this pair.

The other pair are just called the ‘red pair’, boring name but they are red. :-p



2 thoughts on “My new glasses!

  1. love the pic of you wearing your clark kent glasses, foz

    you look so serious and business-like

    yet you can’t disguise that hint of a smile playing around your lips

    Damn, if only I was 20+ yrs younger 😆


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