Hulk fist and Punting!

It’s been a bit of a busy but fun few weeks.

I am still in experiment Hulk Fist mode, there are a few different techniques I’ve found on the internet the main one using rice krispy treats mixed with marshmallows. My problem is the gelatine in the marshmallows so tried to make my own substitute to glue the rice krispies together to model the shape of a fist. It was a tragic day for many rice krispies that were lost that day. The final experiment using glucose syrup had potential but by that point I had lost patience and possibly temporarily my mind as there were a few strong words used direct at the 20140731_HulkFist[1]sticky gloopy mess that was now decorating my dining table, my hands, the floor but modelling it was not suitable for.

I came across this Hulk fist tutorial which is more suited for me, it used modelling chocolate which I am going to attempt to make..can imagine that is also going to be another fun filled, curse word induced experience but it will be worth the effort once I get the hang of it.

For now I have been working with good old plasticine. This was my first attempt, it needs a bit of work but I think it looks like a fist.

Since a friend moved to Brighton I hadn’t seen her. She was my hot chocolate friend, she used to live near where I worked so we would meet up regularly at Costa for a hot chocolate, catch up/therapy session. That ritual has become a tad more difficult since she moved. Another friend and I planned a trip to visit her which happened to coincide with Gay Pride weekend. My friend has a 14 month baby, so you can imagine trying to push a pushchair through hoards of people who had come to enjoy the festivities. We didn’t view the parade but did see many interesting characters, some more interesting than others, some we would cross the road to avoid!

20140802_ChoccyWoccyButterfly[1] 20140802_choccywoccyClock[1] 20140802_choccywoccyWindow[1]This was my first time visiting Brighton, so my friend took me through the ‘lanes’ here there were little boutiques and not the traditional type of shops you would see in the high street Whilst there I had to pay a visit to Choccywoccydoodah. The shop itself wasn’t as I big as I thought it would but the chocolate creations they had on display were brilliant.

I enjoyed Brighton and all that I saw. There were a lot of hills, I felt like I had a serious workout which my body felt the next day!

This weekend gone I visited Cambridge, also another first. It was a lot closer than I thought it would be.

20140809_Cambridge[1]20140809_CambridgePic[1]Fortunately the weather held out until we got back to the car. It was a nice city, we walked a lot and saw the market and some of the colleges on the outside, we didn’t pay the fees to view inside the colleges. We did try punting, a boat ride with a tour guide. My friends and I were seated near the front so we got splashed a few times, despite this the tour guide was very friendly.

No trips for a few weekends, I have a mehndi to go to this weekend and need my car needs an mot, all very exciting. :-p


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