Mobile Phone + Water = Death of Mobile Phone

My mobile phone has met with an untimely demise. Just in case you didn’t know, mobile phones don’t like being drowned in any liquid!

You can try the rice method of taking the battery out of your phone and sticking it in a back / bowl / container of rice and leaving for a good number of hours, I will say this does work for drying out most of the phone.

Maybe I didn’t leave it covered in rice for long enough but it wasn’t enough to save the LED screen. The phone turns on, I just can’t see anything!

The cost to repair to repair the phone isn’t worth it, I’m lucky my sister had a spare phone.

Once I got over the initial mobile phone withdrawal symptoms by being forced to go cold turkey it was quite nice not being so easily contactable or relying on my phone to do things like check my blog.

Give it a try, maybe ease yourself into it and avoid your phone for a few hours at a time. Baby steps. 😉




One thought on “Mobile Phone + Water = Death of Mobile Phone

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