Should you tell your manager you are looking for a new job?

The job you once enjoyed is no longer as challenging or as fulfilling as it once was. Maybe the company re-structure has changed your working environment so that you no longer feel you fit into. Whatever your reason, you have come to the decision it is now time to look for a new job. The question is do you tell your current boss?

Do you opt for the honesty is the best policy route?

Your existing manager might appreciate your honesty. They may try to entice you to stay or help you find something suitable within the company. If that doesn’t work it is possible, if they are able to will help you find a suitable job by sharing contacts.

Others may see you wanting to leave as a personal attack and not be so positive about your honesty. Although you are planning to leave you still take your job seriously though your current manager may not see things the same way as you begin to notice you are being treated differently and have been passed over to work on projects.

Do you opt for the secret squirrel approach?

If you know the best option is to remain quite about your plans to look for a new position until you have something lined up there are a few things you should avoid.

Don’t use your company computer to search for new jobs and don’t broadcast your intentions on your social media networks. If you do have to take phone calls regarding positions try and wait until you are outside of the building or during your lunch break away from the office.

I’ve worked with some good and some poor managers, though there hasn’t been a manager that I could say I would have been comfortable with telling them I was looking for a new job and leaving once I had found something. I would only let my managers know I was leaving once I had handed in my notice and had a confirmed position lined up. In my current job I do know of a work colleague who told our manager of his plans to leave but handed in his notice at the same time without a job to go to. In this colleagues case he had already got the ball rolling and had some opportunities in the pipeline. The managers though sorry to see him leave were also supportive of his decision.

Every situation is different as is every manager employee relationship. It will be up to you to judge what type of relationship you have with your current manager. Ideally you would like to leave your current position on good terms with your manager, especially if you want them to provide you with a personal work reference.


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