Have my tea, am sugar loaded; Ready to start the day!

IMG_20140822_090851[1]IMG_20140822_091135[1]There are plenty of ways to start the day but today I have gone with this ‘breakfast’. It’s sugar loaded with a hint of orange, flavouring or the real deal..does it IMG_20140822_091057[1]matter, the cake still tastes good.

A work colleague’s sister made these treats for the Ronald McDonald House Charity and had a few extras. We weren’t obligated to donate any money but I added a little glass jar near the cakes to ‘encourage’ a small donation.

Back to me! I had my tea, had my cake and I was set to be the ray of sunshine on what started out as a cloudy day. I am nearing the sugar slump phase but that’s ok I have backup in the shape of a chocolate chip cookie.

It doesn’t take much to keep me content. 😀

I managed a badminton and one kickboxing session this week despite coughing my lungs out and feeling a tad bit on the rough side. I know, I know I should have rested, but resting is boring and I had a theory that sweating it out would do what germs were brewing inside me some good. As it so happens I coughed very little during the badminton game and kickboxing class which could mean I must be allergic to work or the air con at least! 😮

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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