Weekend: Mehndi & Exhibitions


20140816_172225[1]My housemate took some pictures of me in my outfit. I’ve said this time and time again, I’m not photogenic and have a squinty left eye thing going on in many of my pictures. I’ve been working on these and have been told to work on my ‘angles’ hence a large number of photos were taken before we managed to find a decent a one! We are also going to need to work on choosing the right backgrounds!

I think I’m getting there with the squinty eye thing but according to Tyra Banks on America’s next top model it is also important to show case the neck. IMG_20140816_201230[1]So need to work on showing my neck so I don’t look like my head is just glued to my shoulders’ avoid the squinty left eye and not look like a meercat at the same time! It’s a lot less effort to shy away from the camera!

The mehndi was ok, there was music but no dancing and my left knee has been playing up a bit lately there was no was no way I was going to be busting a move anyway.

To entertain ourselves my sister and eye started taking a few cheeky pictures as well as some nice ones. My sister was the one closest to our mum so she copped most of the telling off! I would put the cheeky pictures on here but have not been given permission by my sister!


Monday I had a day trip in London with my youngest two siblings. We visited a comic book and a wedding dress exhibition. One was at the British Library the other at the V & A.

Both were quite interesting, we weren’t allowed to take pictures at exhibition. They were both interesting, the comic books gave a history as to how they began and have been used as political propaganda and to influence readers thoughts to where they are today with the likes of Batman.

The wedding dress exhibition showcased some interesting garments from throughout history, some outfits were considered fashionable for the time but today could be deemed unflattering.

IMG_20140818_165147[1]IMG_20140818_164729[1]I always like visiting the V & A and seeing the various art displays from different eras and countries. We didn’t spend much visiting all the sections this time, it was getting the point where energy levels were fading and patience with the hordes of other visitors were wearing thin.IMG_20140818_164330[1] It didn’t help I was trying to refrain from coughing my lungs out, no one likes to be near a cougher polluting the seemingly ‘unpolluted’ London air.

We made it home where I crashed on the sofa with a well-deserved mug of tea.IMG_20140819_202240[1]

One of my housemates got the baking bug this week, plus she has some over riped bananas to dispose of. Hence the emergence of banana and chocolate chip bread! Although the recipe was there in front of her she couldn’t be bothered to weigh anything so guestimated much of the ingrediants. Not bad for a guestimation.


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