Baking disaster and dressing up!


The long weekend was a bit hit and miss. I tried to make the cinnamon and sultana bread again which turned out worse than the previous attempt, in fact this attempt wasn’t even edible!

My first attempt at modelling chocolate was definitely a miss. I thought it was going well until I reached the kneading stage at which point it turned into a crumbly oily mess. According the tips online if I left the chocolate alone it would soak the oils up and be ok. It wasn’t, I thought I would end up with a smooth easily mouldable chocolate instead I was left with a rock!


The one day the heavens decided to open up is the day my family and I were attending a walima. There were three weddings taking place at this place in separate function halls, so you can imagine what car parking was like, it didn’t help when a Mercedes owning muppet decided to block the entrance to the over flow car park just because they want to be that one step closer to the entrance of the venue. The car park wasn’t even that far!

We were later than the time stated on the card for guests to arrive but on time to see / greet the bride’s family. We would have been earlier if it wasn’t for the car park drama.

IMG_20140825_Foz[1]Unfortunately my youngest sister wasn’t feeling very that day so we didn’t take many pictures this time. My mum took this one, it’s a bit dark but turned out ok.The event itself was nice, it was a walima, you eat, meet and talk to people, not much else goes on really. Some people turn it into a party with dancing, all depends on the family who’s function it is. It was nice to see some aunties who I only see at these functions, not really sure what the protocol is but I’m myself when I speak with the aunties. My urdu / Punjabi isn’t great so I speak in English anyway, they are joking and laughing with me so guess it’s all ok. Some people might think I should be a bit more stoic and quiet, I just don’t talk to those people. 😉 I should mention that these people who I call auntie and uncle are not blood related to me, I called them auntie and uncle out of respect.

The seating was meant to be organised with everyone already seated by table numbers and name cards. This family have known me since I was a child yet they still spelt IMG-20140825-ThreeGirls[1]my name wrong! IMG_20140825_Fauzia[1] It didn’t matter where I was seated anyway, I had my starters sitting with my family, had my mains and dessert sitting with another aunts daughter and her husband as some of the people at their table hadn’t turned up, so I became ‘Natalie’ for a bit. My sister and brother came and joined me for a short while as well.

This picture is with my sister and my aunts daughter, she waned it for her mum who wasn’t able to attend.

We popped to my sisters who lived round the corner from the venue. My niece didn’t recognise me at first, she just kept looking at me until she was convinced I was her auntie and not some random stranger trying to lure her away from her mum.


First round of Kickboxing this week turned out pretty good. Our instructor had been to Malaysia to visit his unwell mum, whilst there he met some people who imparted their self-healing stretching techniques, these are mainly for joint and body aches and pains. You can watch a video of one of the stretching moves here. I’ve not yet tried this stretching exercise yet but my instructor swears by it, at 66 he is still more flexible than all of us in the class.

Better get on with the rest of the week. 😀


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