GBBO; Crying over spilled Ice Cream

By now you will have heard the drama surrounding this year’s Great British Bake Off with terms such as ‘Bingate’, ‘Bincident’ and ‘Dirty Diana’. Was it a case of sabotage, genuine mistake or just clever editing to boost the show’s ratings?

If nothing else there is a villain; Diana Beard, the victim; Iain Watters and those who are trying to calm the nation down over the injustice that occurred over melted ice cream; Paul Hollywood and Sue Perkins.

Did Diana deliberately remove Iain’s baked Alaska from the freezer leaving it to swelter in the heat reducing to a liquidy mess or was Iain’s ice cream doomed to fail from the start?

It doesn’t help Diana’s case when she admits to removing Iain’s cake from the freezer with little remorse for her actions.

“Yes, I admit I took his ice-cream out of the freezer and this sounds terribly selfish but this was my space and I didn’t even see him put it there. I honestly don’t know why he put it there. The three of us on that side of the tent, Chetna, Nancy and myself, were told that this was our freezer to use and to manage it to the best of our ability.

“I don’t regret taking his baked alaska out of the freezer. Of course I didn’t do it viciously but we were all wanting a freezer and it was utter chaos, utter chaos. I thought he had his own freezer.”

She continued: “His baked alaska was out for a very small amount of time. I was very surprised it was so liquid. We all had a limited amount of freezer space. But it’s three months ago and I can’t remember exactly whether his ice-cream was very liquidy when I took it out of the freezer but I think it must have been.

The show was filmed back in June plenty of time it would seem for the recipient of Diana’s actions to be over the whole thing. It was a competition which ended the way it did, he does dispute the alleged 40 seconds his ice cream cake was out of the freezer for but what is done is done and he has moved on, though giving interviews discussing the ‘Bingate’ saga with his side of the story. Fair play to him he has said he doesn’t have any malice towards Diana when many of us would have happily snapped the head off her meringue swans to her show stopper baked alaska.

As for Diana, the dear suffered a fall that resulted in her losing her sense of smell and taste that resulted in her too leaving the GBBO early, could it have been the intervention of karma? Does this 70 year old woman deserve the constant barrage of abuse that is being unleashed on her by those who are passionate about baking and the need for there to fairness in a competition that 1.8 million viewers have come to love?

I love baking as much as the next person and enjoy watching this programme and feel that it is not the fact she removed another competitors ice cream cake from the freezer but that she did not tell them and then did not even appear to be apologetic for it. But she is not a dictator, she is not bombing countries, she is not a danger to the human race in any shape or form, only to baked items and namely ice cream. She is an amateur baker who for whatever reason did what she did but does not deserved to be vilified in such a way. If Iain Walters can move on from a bit of spilled ice cream then why can’t the rest of us?


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