Video CV Starring You!

The traditional two page CV is still the most popular and accepted method to apply for a job.  The job market is slowly improving but many people are still finding it difficult to get noticed so are looking to alternative ways to promote themselves and stand out from the crowd. This can involve printing your CV on a t-shirt, handing copies of your CV out on the street, turning it into a website, creating an infographic, creating a social media campaign or creating a Video CV.

In a previous blog post; Video CV – is this the next step for your CV? I discussed the pros and cons of creating such a CV. Instead of a recruiter reading about your skills, achievements, why you are a good fit for a job you can tell them yourself also giving you the opportunity charm the recruiter with your personality, in a strictly perfessional way.

As much as we would like to think that VCV’s are the future, that traditional CV’s are on their way out we know this to be a far off concept. It’s taken this long for companies and candidates to entertain the idea of using video as part of the job search and recruiting process I don’t think the standard two page CV has anything to worry about.

Depending on the job and the number of applications received recruiters are not going to want to spend precious time reviewing a VCV when they can read through a traditional CV in less time. Many people may not feel comfortable in front of a camera and may come across as awkward, not showing the true breadth of their personality and knowledge hindering their job search. These are just two reason why a VCV will not ever truly replace a traditional CV, this isn’t to say we should completely rule out the idea of VCV’s entirely.

Companies and job seekers are beginning to notice the potential benefits of having a VCV as well as a traditional written one. There are more companies specialising in helping to create a video CV, job boards like VideoRecruit allow you to upload a short video alongside your traditional CV.

Companies are also encouraged to create a recruitment video of their own to accompany their job postings. A survey carried out by CV Library found that nearly 80% of job seekers were more likely to apply for a job if there was also a company video attached. The purpose of a company video is to give potential employees a virtual look into what it could be like to work with them, what the offices look like and to gain some insight into the company culture. All this depending on the quality of the video and what information the company decides to share.

There are the pros and cons associated with having a VCV, the main ones related to discrimination be that age, gender, race, nationality not to mention being biased simply based on how a candidate looks despite their ability to do the job and a winning personality, all of which an employer can do in an interview unbeknown to the interviewee.

Don’t let the dark side of having a VCV deter you from stepping into that spot light, if you’re feeling brave then blow the dust off that camcorder and be the star of your very own VCV.


2 thoughts on “Video CV Starring You!

    • It’s not my cup of tea either, I feel queasy having to speak in front of a large group of people let alone create a video.
      For people trying to get jobs in certain sectors this would be perfect for them.


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