Techie toys: Apple is back with a new iPhone & the Apple Watch

I’m not a Techie I don’t fully understand all the talk about how a 1,810 mAh battery might be deemed too small for a device with a high-res, 4.7-inch display. What I do observe is that as a society we do seem to have an obsession with technology. Apple are due to release the iPhone6 , iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch and the world goes nuts over it.


At the moment I am a Samsung girl, granted the waterproof feature of the Samsung S5 and the latest iPhone would have come in handy when my S2 decided to go for a swim but for now I am content with a hand me down S3 courtesy of my sister, the S2 did not survive its dunking.

You’ve probably worked out by now I can be a bit of a klutz a reason why many moons ago Nokia phones were great for me. Durable, dropped more times than I care to remember with only one butter finger moment resulting in a cracked screen. Now my S2, thinner and like a mini computer but I doubt it could fully stand up to the boot camp for mobile phones my Nokia’s went through.

However the iPhone 6 not only is waterproof but also shatterproof. My S3 has a case and a plastic protective screen thingy (great technical term there for you) so would a sapphire screen of the iPhone be of benefit for me? Maybe if the display screens actually were made of Sapphire crytal, turns out Apple opted to use a glass display instead.

Apple Watch

Moving onto the watch which can only be used with an iPhone. No good for me as I stopped wearing a watch a long time ago, I have childlike wrists to find one that fits without re-sizing is a pain, plus I don’t own an iPhone. This fancy little gadget can track everything from your heart rate to daily activities and exercise. There are plenty of other gadgets out there that can do the same thing, though for me the need to get more air into my lungs and sweating buckets is a sign my heart rate is up and I’m in the midst of a decent workout. This watch is however touchscreen and users can navigate apps, though it isn’t clear if the phone will also need to be close by for users to make full use of all the features available such as messaging. . I’m left handed but am a bit ambidestrous but not all lefties are yet this watch may only be suitable for the right handed population. We need more Ned Flanders of the world with a leftorium on all high streets.

Avid iPhone users will be all over these products like a rash but like with all new toys the excitement will fade, usually around the time some users will start complaining about bugs they’ve found or that the phone can’t be plugged into their car to drive them to work.

We’ve already reached the point where technology in general does too much for us, we have Siri that users can ask a question and it will come back with the answer because it’s too difficult to Google it ourselves and driverless cars are hitting the roads. At some point these products are going to have fully functioning brains that allows them to think for themselves and they are going to want equal rights.

I’m not a technophobe I am attached to my phone like the rest of the zombies, I just like to believe it is not to the extent that I may lose the ability to physically speak to people without breaking out in hives.


2 thoughts on “Techie toys: Apple is back with a new iPhone & the Apple Watch

  1. I don’t wear a watch

    can’t remember the last time I wore one – it’s been years !

    quick headcount in my office today revealed only 2 people out of 11 wearing a watch – and those two, only out of habit

    as a means of finding out what time it is, watches became redundant when folk only had to glance at their cell phone to see what time it was

    trying to resurrect an obsolete piece of technology so you can do on a tiny screen what you can already do on your smartphone is one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever heard of and apart from apple ‘geeks’ who have more money than sense, and folk who will think this is a smart gift to give someone at Xmas, I cannot see any great public demand for this product after the initial novelty effect has worn off

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    • I think it’s also because other companies have already brought out some kind of watch so Apple user’s were thinking where is the Apple version, because user’s have waited this long it has to be something spectacular.
      Personally, I too don’t see the point. Besides the fancier the product the more expensive it will be to repair!


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