Traffic and Kickboxing; Exciting life I lead ;-)

Did all the Gods get together, decide to set aside their differences and create a nightmare on the roads this week?!? This week has been a colossal pain in the rear, Wednesday it took an additional 45 minutes to get home, stop start, stop start. Fortunately I made it home in time for Great British Bake so at least that was one crisis averted, sitting in traffic, hungry, tired and missing GBBO would not have made a happy Foz.

I know other drivers too want to get home too, they’re tired, hungry, frustrated but people let’s not forget the stick near your wheel, yep the indicator. Please use it just to give me a heads up that you want to change lanes before you start moving into the side of my car. I know the traffic is moving slowly and it may appear that my lane is moving faster than yours for that nano second but if you hit my car and cause an accident, that lane won’t be moving faster for much longer will it now?

Plus side of this week, despite being flat out exhausted I have survived the week! I had two excellent kickboxing sessions. Tuesday’s Kickboxing was an interesting one, walked into the class a few minutes late and noticed there were a lot of new faces. The addition of new people meant for a change the hall we train in was full, I also noticed I was the only female in the class! Usually there are at least three other females but for some reason they weren’t there, it felt like a memo saying guys only class had been sent out, only I didn’t get it.

All of that said it was a very good session, we worked on improving the basic moves and learning different stretching techniques. I sweated buckets, disgusting I know and was sore right up until Thursday’s class but it all pays off in the end.

Speaking of Thursday’s class is was a reversal of Tuesday as in the only male was the instructor. We did a few circuits before practising techniques, it was enough to get a decent workout and for me not fighting the urge to chuck my guts.

Today my eldest nephew starts primary school. It will only be an hour to begin with and my sister will stay with him, gradually moving to half days without my sister staying then moving onto full time. The little angelic demon is growing up.

Have a good weekend peeps!


4 thoughts on “Traffic and Kickboxing; Exciting life I lead ;-)

  1. Oh yeah – it drives me crazy when people start to change lanes and THEN use the indicator. You’d think the word would make it obvious that it is meant to ‘indicate’ your desire to change lanes not just something you do and you move over. My other pet peeve re driving is for some reason people seem to think that road rules have no meaning in shopping center car parks and the speed limits are more of a guideline or suggestion rather than the law.

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