Prescription charges; £16.10 for two items!!

GermsI may or may not have mentioned that I have had a nasty cough for a few weeks now. I had been trying to avoid going to the doctor by trying over the counter medicines, home remedies anything that would mean not visiting the doctor. As the weeks have gone on the cough had seemed to eased to the point that I could have a conversation without coughing my lungs out and I was beginning to think if I had any lungs left to cough out!

None of the alternative solutions worked so I had to give in and visit the doctor. I have no idea what is going with my body this year, there are time when I hardly ever see the doctor but this year I have been making a regular appearance.

I was prescribed antibiotics and an asthma pump, I think the pump is more of a precaution as the doctor prescribed me one the last time I had a cough like this. It has been a while since I actually ‘bought’ the medicine I have been prescribed so wasn’t sure what the prescription charges were. You can imagine my shock when I had to pay £16.10 for two items! If it wasn’t for the fact that I need my lungs I would have forgone the medicine.

I pay taxes, I pay national insurance I pay all those things in hope that I would get some kind of return, you think by now I would have learnt how our governemnt enforced charges work.

I maybe making full use of visiting the doctor for free this year, usually I have to be practically bedridden before I will pay the doctor a visit thankfully I rarely get ill where my I ache so much that even my teeth hurt.

I know some of you will be saying it is a small price to pay to have functioning healthy lungs, I am just not at that stage of thinking yet. Fingers crossed I won’t be needing to visit the doctor again for a very long time!


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