Round kick bruises

Thursday nights kickboxing was not one of my favourite classes, we worked on our round kicks. As I’ve mentioned before I struggle with these kicks, I have tight hips which makes these kicks that little bit more difficult for me.

The way the lesson was structured meant we did a lot of repetitive moves, this worked well for me as it gave my leg muscles a chance to warm up and for my hips to open up. As the class went on I noticed my kicks were starting to get a bit higher without feeling any pain!

IMG_20140921_092245[1]We kept changing partners and even though we were sharing shin guards I think one of the women may have had some pent up anger which she let out in her kicks. I’ve had worse bruises but they still hurt the following few days! I know I’m glutton for punishment and will be back there again, in all fairness I can give as good as I get, usually with a hook or a jab 😉

We did the usual rounds of sparring which contributed to me glowing a lot and getting ready to collapse, I usually recover by the time I get home. With every minute of sparing I kept thinking to myself ‘think of the abs, think of the abs’, I keep trying to achieve the 4 pack abs which keep evading me. I guess it doesn’t help when I can go through a share bag of crisps by myself in one sitting. 😉


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