Baking success and flops

I’ve been on a baking spree of late, some flops some success but then again ‘practice makes perfect’! My mum bought me an early birthday present, an all singing all dancing Kenwood mixer that comes with a processor and blender attachments. I absolutely love using this gadget, once I had worked out when to use the beater, the whisk and the dough hook I was on a roll.

I know I should have stuck to the tried and tested brownie recipe but decided to try out a new one. It wasn’t a rip roaring success, cooked through round the edges and a bit too gooey in the middle.

IMG_20141016_174835[1]My next ‘new recipe’ to try out was for iced buns. My youngest sister isn’t fond of cake, last year she had a brownie birthday cake, this year she wants an ice bun cake. This was a practice run hence the second number 2 missing a few a buns. I know there are plenty of simpler recipes to follow out there but I have a new book so followed this one. By the following day the icing had started to melt off, fellow bakers if you have a solution to this problem feel free to share.

IMG_20141017_160403[1]IMG_20141017_182424[1]My next practice run was a 3D teddy Bear cake. I made a smaller version to get an idea of what I was doing, the bear turned out looking a bit more like a monkey bear than a teddy bear. I know the icing needs a bit of work, I had started to get hand cramp, I know what areas I need to improve on it comes to making the ‘real’ cake for my nieces birthday. If you’re interested in making your own 3D teddy bear cake I originally used this template from Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School IMG_20141012_195200[2]website, there is also a video how to put the cake together. The cake itself is a trust worthy madeira cake, perfect for carving up.

Baking aside I needed some new cake designs and pictures for my baking Facebook and Twitter pages. This is my latest creation.


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