ABC Cake; Aalia’s Birthday cake

Now I have a bit more time on my hands and there was no chance I was going to succumb to day television and the likes of Jeremy Kyle, I decided to challenge myself with my nieces birthday cake.

I have made a 3D Thomas The Tank Engine cake in the past, the amount of time I spent getting that train’s face right was an experience but I did learn some new techniques that came in handy for this cake.

I decided to make a 3D teddy bear cake, why I hear you ask? Why not, it was something I had not ever done before and now I had the opportunity to plan, practice and prepare myself for any difficulties I make encounter when it came to making the final version.

IMG_20141017_182424[1]As mentioned in my previous baking postย Baking success and flopsย I had already looked online for tutorials and templates to get an idea of how to approach this project. My first attempt, though not considered a work of art by any means was a good way learn all the things I should do differently next time.

I opted to use a more sturdier cake, a madeira as it is more suitable for carving up than aIMG_20141027_104803[1] fluffy delicate sponge cake. I made my own templates, even with all the good intentions the templates ended up being used more as guidelines than anything else. I also had Google images up on my laptop screen to get the right ‘bear’ look. I had some of the design of the cake all planned out but as it came together I decided to add a few touches here an there, like the banner and the number 1 on the bear IMG_20141027_104541[1]feet.

Overall the final cake took about two days to make but at least two weeks in the planning and making the practice run cake. When my family and my sisters in laws saw the cake though they tried to hide it they seemed surprised I had made it, mostly because I had not done something on this scale before.

I’m thinking for my next baking challenge I may attempt a 3D car, although my sister is suggesting if I keeping practicing I’ll be ready to make a cake that resembles Pride Rock from The Lion King for her birthday next year…she’ll be 23!


4 thoughts on “ABC Cake; Aalia’s Birthday cake

    • Hi,
      Lol, it definitely was an experience making this cake but was worth it ๐Ÿ™‚
      Deciding what will be my next baking challenge.

      You too, thanks for stopping by & commenting ๐Ÿ™‚


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