Job Centre Experience

I don’t know when I will find job, hopefully I won’t be unemployed for too long. Until then I have been encouraged to visit the job centre. It’s not something I envisaged I would have to do but that’s just the way it is.

Not everyone who claims benefits are scroungers or lazy people, I don’t know everyone’s situation and their reason for making a claim. Though whilst in the job centre I noticed there were some people I would prefer not to share oxygen space with. On my first encounter with the job centre I was speaking with an adviser when a random person simply could not wait their turn so decided to stand so close to me whilst I was still seated at the advisers desk that I thought she wanted to sit in my lap! The adviser carried on speaking with me and ignoring this rude person until we were done.

The second time I had to visited the job centre was slightly better, it was a group thing something I wasn’t overly comfortable with but survived. It was explaining the application process, the applicants commitment to find a job etc. As well as providing our relevant documents, I would have preferred a bit more privacy but I expect with the number of applications they receive this might be the most efficient way to process them in a more timely manner.

It wasn’t the first time time some of the people in the group had made an application Job Seekers allowance so were veterans at the process. For newbies like me it was a whole new experience.

The experience so far has not been as scary as I thought it would be. The staff at the job centre have been pleasant enough, maybe because I am recording enough evidence that show cases my job searching efforts.


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