Bread making challenge

I’m trying to expand my baking repertoire my also making bread, sweet and savoury.  I’m not yet an expert, I do have my mum’s bread machine but I trying to learn to make bread from scratch as well. I’ve mentioned before my youngest sister is not really a fan of cake, even though she is the one who has requested I make her a 3D cake version of Pride Rock from The Lion King for her next birthday!

IMG_20141103_185359[1]Last year she had a brownie cake with cream filling. This year she opted for an ice bun ‘cake’. I had practiced this recipe and design before and made a few changes the second time I made it. I reduced the sugar slightly and made the icing a bit thicker so it didn’t slide down the sides of the buns. I was pleased with the taste of the buns and design but the icing needs some work. I may try baking the buns into different shapes to see how they turn out and tweaking the recipe a little bit more next time. I also may have left some of the buns to prove a bit too long, another thing to remember next time I make this dough.

I’m going to keep at the bread baking learning, although it does take some time I do like the end results especially when it turns right!


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