My Birthday!

Last week was my birthday!

IMG_20141116_195337[1]For some people they dread their birthday’s coming round and focus on the number of years they have been on this earth, fortunately I’m not one of them!

I’ll spare you the details of how young I am but focus on the important things such as my gifts IMG_20141124_170304[1]which consisted of money, being taken out for dinner and a few gifts…buts mostly money.

Birthday started on Friday 14th, dinner with friends followed by more dinner evenings with family and housemates. Plus side I didn’t have to cook or raid my parents fridge for at least 4 days! 🙂


My nephews with supervision from their mum made me this lovely, calorific and possibly heart attack inducing chocolate cake which tasted as good as it looks, especially with ice cream. No dieting going on in the Saeed family!

Based on birthday 2013 to birthday 2014 the year has had its highs and lows but I can honestly say that things are turning out to be pretty good. Lets see where I am come birthday 2015. 🙂


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