It has been a while!

I know, I know I have been absolutely lame in managing this blog..I have no excuses other than yes I have been lazy! Now that is out of the way I can share what has been going on in my world.

I haven’t done much baking of late but earlier in the year I was a busy baking bee.Australia_cakes

A work colleague was immigrating to Australia and it’s a bit of tradition in this team to have a leaving afternoon tea.  Every other member of the team brings in something, naturally I made some cupcakes with an Australian theme, I was impressed I managed to pull them off, I am my harshest critic.

I attended two school fetes, first one I sold or shall we say tried to sell Cake_Fetecupcakes. I thought they looked good but let’s say the clientele were of a different nature and the PTA unbeknown to me were also selling cupcakes but were bulk buy; 5 for a £1. I am biased in saying this but my cakes were homemade and aesthetically looked nice compared to the wholesale bought cupcakes that had jelly babies or a bit of flake shoved in them. At the time I was unimpressed and from speaking with some of the other vendors I found out they too were unhappy about the way the event had been organised especially when in the past they had always found this particular school fete to be very good. Nevertheless it was a good experience and a learning curve.Biscuit_Stall

Gingerbread_MenThe second fete was much better, the PTA had arranged the different stalls so that there was a good mix and hopefully all vendors would make a profit and of course come back again. There was already a cake stall so the PTA suggested I do a biscuit stall instead. Thought why not, good to try something a bit different, I’ve made biscuits before but not to this scale.Shortbread I clearly have a hidden knack for biscuits as they proved to be a success. Due to the poor success rate of the first fete a different approach was needed. I put together some decorate your own gingerbread men goody bags, and had a taster tray for potential customers to have a sample the different biscuits on sale. I was very pleased with the outcome, with the exception of a few fudge cookies everything else was sold out.

I couldn’t have done these stalls without the help of my friend Christine who came up with the teacup cupcake ideas and the fancy gingerbread men, these were a big hit with the kids.

With the cake stalls done and dusted it was time to start working on the birthday a friend had already asked me to bake for her daughter. No-one in their family likes fondant icing but this chocolate cake they loved, and my friend isn’t too keen on chocolate cake either!

Amy_BirthdayCakeThe three themes were Doctor Who, Sherlock Homes and Death Letter L (I had to Google this one!). I was a bit concerned it wouldn’t be flashy enough or that the birthday girl wouldn’t have recognised parts of the cake, but I could breathe a sigh of relief when my friend told me she loved the cake and put a picture of it on Facebook!Shoes_Cupcakes

Whilst working on the Doctor Who / Sherlock Holmes / Death Letter L cake another friend I used to train with at Kickboxing asked about some shoes and handbag cupcakes for her daughter’s birthday. As with most fondant toppers I try and make these as early as possible so they have time to dry and to also factor in a mini melt down if they don’t go the way I want them. Like with the chocolate birthday cake I surprised myself by how well they turned out!

There is so much more to share but that’s for another blog which I’ll hopefully manage to write a lot sooner!


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