Break in…

After at least three break in attempts I decided to turn my house into a mini fortress, for at least two years (touch wood) I have had no problems. This time unfortunately it was my parents house that was targeted by a low life(s). Possibly after an unsuccessful attempt to break into next door they climbed over the fence and somehow managed to shatter the entire patio door glass to enter the house. My mum was the only one at home at the time, upstairs in her bedroom. She heard a noise but thought it was one of the neighbours, it was only when the intruder opened her door saw her then ran down the stairs and out through the broken door. My mum at first thought it 20151015_122600[1]was my youngest brother but thought why would he be home from university at 11.10 in the morning, realising it was a stranger she followed them down the stairs shouting thief. Fortunately mum was ok and nothing was taken. Instead of phoning the police mum phones me at work! Whilst running out of the door to get home I’m also phoning the police! Parents, what are you going to do with them?

Upon arriving home at parents I found my mum with a large rolling pin incase anyone should decide to return!IMG-20151017-WA0001[1]

Considering the damage down and the fact my mum was at home alone the only member of the police who came out to see the damage etc was a Member of the forensics team who weren’t able to retrieve any fingerprints. Another police officer was meant to come to get a formal statement from my mum but no one came. The door has been repaired and the house is being turned into a maximum security property but I have little faith in the police catching the culprit, and then a few days later the stabbing of a 40 year old by teenagers in the street not to far from my parents and even closer to where a friend, her children and mum live.

This part of Essex has had its moments but it has not ever been this bad before.

It’s our responsibility to do all we can to stay safe as we can’t rely on the police anymore, even the police give advice how to stay safe as they know with resources stretched they can’t do their jobs properly.

Stay safe people!


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