License plate thief!

My car is old, I don’t keep her tidy but she is my little baby, she gets regularly serviced and repaired when needed but the unique thing about my car is she came with a personalised number plate which spelt out ‘So Hot’. All the time I have had my car I have not ever had a problem regarding the license plate number until now.

Came out Tuesday morning to pack up my car with my kickboxing things for that nights class only to discover that my license plates had been stolen leaving my poor little baby naked without her identity! Shame on those people who would upset her so, it’s ok I’ve consoled her and reported this injustice to the police and in the mean time have printed and laminated some temporary plates for her.

On a more serious note, some people need to seriously get a life or a hobby instead of going around and upsetting peoples cars by taking their license plates.

I may have to follow through with my promise to her to get her valeted an washed now!


2 thoughts on “License plate thief!

    • I know, I’ll need to pace it out so she doesn’t become accustomed to a new lifestyle…she’s already had a new clutch, which isn’t too bad for her age & mileage now new plates! 😉


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