Trick or Treat 2015

This year Halloween was so much fun!

20151031_165951[1]I was a little bit more prepared this time and made a few Halloween biscuits & put together treat bags filled with sweets and the biscuits. I also put a few random decorations up on the windows and had a lit candle in the window. I completely underestimated the number of children who would knock on my door that night! Last year I had maybe a handful of children trick or treating, this year there had to have been 20151031_183317[1]between 25-30 little princesses, draculas there was even a cute ‘Chucky’!. Did get a few older kids but to keep the peace gave them sweets as well. I was exhausted by the end of it all, at one point I thought I was going to run out of sweets but fortunately by then things had quieted down.

Some people thing trick or treating is a nuisance and it is an American things but I think it all depends on the area you live in and to maybe have a bit of faith in the kids and their parents. I have to say the children who came to my house were all accompanied by adults some of whom even dressed up themselves. It’s a bit of fun for the youngsters abs yes they get lots of free sugary treats, but that’s a problem for their parents to deal with as their little darlings run riot whilst on a sugar high!

Whilst at the homeless meet up I did hear about how there were a group of teenagers who unfortunately do ruin it for the others running around throwing flour and eggs at people’s houses and cars. Guess I was one of the lucky ones this year and got the nice monsters!


4 thoughts on “Trick or Treat 2015

  1. I ran out of sweets last year for the number of kids (and their mums) who knocked on my door so this year I bought extra – only to find far fewer folk came calling this year than last 😦

    still, my colleagues were pleased when I brought my surplus stock of sweets into work for them to share the Monday after 😆

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    • I heard the same thing from a few people how the expected a hoard of kids but only a few turned up. Normally I wouldn’t open the door but this year I thought why not get into it a bit.
      So your colleagues ended up with sugar rushes instead lol


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