License Plate Update

Panic over, my 4 wheeled baby has her identity back, as in she now has new number plates!

The lazy owner that I am, I have not yet followed through on my promise to have her valeted and washed, in all fairness the weather has been completely rubbish and I’m having to drive through a muddy building site to get to work so all that cleanliness would have been wasted. Maybe it can be her present from Santa  for Christmas?


2 thoughts on “License Plate Update

  1. in Scotland, it used to be (may well still be) a tradition that on Hogmanay (Dec 31st) the house and everyone in it had to be clean ready to welcome in the New Year so the whole family would be roped in hoovering, dusting, polishing, tidying, cleaning, all rubbish had to be taken out of the house before midnight struck, all the beds stripped and changed, all washing up done and put away, all dirty clothes and bed linen washed (or in the washing machine) and finally, all of us had to have a bath then change into clean jammies ready to welcome in the New Year when midnight struck

    it wasn’t just people and houses that had to be clean and tidy, however, (it being considered bad luck to start a clean New year by carrying over into it dirt and grime from the old year) long queues of motorists would form outside of garages on Dec 31st, waiting to put their cars through the car wash

    old habits die hard and though it’s many years now since I lived in Scotland, I still treat my car to the most expensive was programme on New Years Eve (the rest of the year it lives in filth and squalor) 😆


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