Birthday 2015!

It has been so busy these past few weeks and it is only the middle of November!

Earlier this month was my youngest sisters birthday, naturally she got spoilt rotten,MAC makeup and she had her nails done, the girl looks better than me most days even without the makeup & all the pampering!

pixlr_20151122160017891[1]Last week was mine and my brothers birthdays. I worked on my birthday but was completely spoilt by my team-big, massive shout out to
the Patient Experience Team at SEPT who made the day brilliant! I wasn’t expecting as much as I did, cake, flowers,gift card, lots of kinder chocolate and to top it all of I had happy birthday sung to me in operatic tones, what more could a girl ask for! Forget being 37, it was more a case of behaving like a 7 year old. πŸ˜€

The Day didn’t end there, most people would like their birthday to pass pixlr_20151122161243327[1]them by & fear getting older. Can’t stop the ageing process so might as well enjoy it!

That evening I went to my parents and got my obligatory birthday balloon and had more gifts waiting for me!

I can’t not mention this as my other 20151115_205008[1]brother doesn’t usually do things like this. The weekend before my birthday minus sister with kids and mum the rest of us went out for a birthday meal for me and my brother made me a birthday cake! It was really good, even if it wasn’t, I’d have still eaten it. So technically my birthday began two days before my actual day of birth.

This year I have been thoroughly spoilt. :-D.Β pixlr_20151122162035840[1]Who says getting older has to be a bad thing. It’s all about perception, how old people think I am vs how old I actually am, seems to work for me, plus I’m lucky I’ve got good genes. πŸ˜€


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