Basildon Baking!

This job and the different extra curricular activities of mine have definitely been keeping me busy!

My main role is reporting but of late I have been getting involved in some of the events the Patient Experience Coordinators arrange or are a part of. The most recent one was Time to Talk where it was all hands on deck and all members of the team were at various locations representing SEPT and showing our support for this excellent cause.20160203_212151[1] I was based in Basildon where the Basildon Disability Equality Forum held a bake off style event in support. I was asked to donate a cake and I could hardly refuse! My cake didn’t win but it was for a good cause so I can’t complain really. Also this baking has created some more opportunities for me.

A lady I work with asked me about making a birthday cake for her husbands 60th, nothingFB_IMG_1455440572355[1] overly fancy but nice all the same. I know not everyone likes fondant icing and buttercream icing is nice but I wanted to do something a little bit more memorable than just a simple victoria sandwich. The birthday boy’s favourite chocolates are Maltesars, he was pleased with the cake.

20160213_193510[1]I sometimes on a whim make a cake for one of SEPT’s volunteers, he out of the blue asked about a birthday cake for his niece, they had been let done by the original cake baker. I said yes as it would be a good opportunity to get back into working with fondant and creating fondant toppers. I’m not going to lie, I did panic a little bit over this cake as I really wanted to do a good job and still wanted the cake to taste good. Overall I think the cake turned out well.

For now my cake baking for others has gone a bit quiet but baking for friends and family still continues, no harm in trying out new recipes when I have ready and willing guinea pigs at work!


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