Bath 2016


imageIn March, friend and I visited Bath. What a lovely place to visit, so full of history and tea shops! I loved how you would get a little teapot which had loose tea leaves, and a tea cup. No tea bags or mugs for the tea shops of Bath! Tea is not just tea, the selection of flavours available and aromas you couldn’t help but try something a bit different. I quite like the spice tea but definitely think loose tea leaves make a nicer cup of tea but I don’t have time to stand and wait for the tea to brew, even though it is only 2 minutes and I don’t own a teapot!

imageThe bed and breakfast we stayed in, Aqua Sulis was clean, spacious with friendly staff, especially Ana. Breakfast was lovely and filled us up for most of the day. Me and friend did eat a lot whilst in Bath but we did also do a lot of walking!

Whilst in Bath we visited the Therma Baths. This place has an open roof swimming pool. Because of it’s popularity you get a two hour time slot & it is a bit expensive, but it is an experience if you like visiting spas. The changing rooms were unisex so that was a new thing for me, both me and my friend were ok with that, but it could put some people of going there.

imageYou can’t visit bath and not go to the Roman Baths! imageIt was interesting and a nice place to visit. We bought the tickets that also let us visit other attractions such as the fashion museum.

I am fan of the V & A museum in London so was excited to visit the fashion museum. It wasn’t as big as I was expecting but had some nice displays & you could play dress up!

I do like a bit of afternoon tea, my friend booked us a slot at Guyers House. imageWe definitely weren’T disappointed by the amount of food or the service. The place itself is out in the middle of the sticks but the grounds are pleasant and the interiors has that whole country Manor House feel. There was so much food that we had to take away some of the cakes as we could barely move let alone eat any more food.

I’m thinking where else to visit in the UK. Me and youngest two siblings are thinking of a family break, we want to take our parents with us as well. Dad hasn’t been very well lately so wherever we choose we don’t want to be driving for two long, 1.5 hour from Essex possibly at the most, and somewhere parents don’t have to do a lot of walking but get to visit the place as well.

Suggestions are welcome. 🙂

I will try and plan a few more short breaks for this year but it’s going so fast, before you know it I’ll have blinked & it will be November!



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