Charity and baking!

It has been a busy few weeks. I took part in Race for Life in Basildon, have started raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society and have a few birthday cakes to also bake!

Race for Life

Race for life numberYoungest sister, her friends and I took part in the Basildon Race for life. Out team name was ‘The Flying Squirrels’ and we managed to raise £470 through our Just Giving page.

Fortunately, apart from a few drops of rain the weather improved Race for life tagswith the sun showing its support! I have been one of the lucky ones who have not been touched    by the big C, but seeing all the other runners and their families supporting them you can’t not help but feel some kind of empowerment.  We’ve decided we will take part in next year’s Race For Life but will try and run a bit more of the 5km.

London Memory Walk

One of the girls who I walked the Race For Life course with, her nan sadly has Alzheimer’s. To support the Alzheimer’s Society we’re all going to be taking part in the London Memory Walk, 3rd September 2016. At work I had tried to take part in this charity’s cupcake day but things got in the way, that hasn’t stopped me starting the fund raising efforts though! A.S CakesI started 4th July by putting 12 cupcakes in the reception area at work, 50p each to see how they would sell. Within 40 minutes all cupcakes had been bought!

I don’t want people to get baked treats overloaded so have decided to make it a weekly thing, have something in reception at the beginning of the week and once it’s gone, it’s gone until the following Monday or Tuesday depending on when I have time to bake.

I had a biscuit stall over the weekend, with some of the left over biscuits I put together some biscuit bags with a mixture of gingerbread and shortbread biscuits. Cakes_BiscuitsA friend brought in a selection of muffins, all of which we put in the reception area for this week. So far they have done well with all biscuit bags sold out and only one muffin left! I will see what ingredients I have in the cupboard and decide what to make next week.

School Fete

Cookie stallAs I mentioned I had a biscuit stall over the weekend at a school fete. Kingswood Primary Schools is the only school I do anything like this with, last year I had a stall at their Summer and Christmas fetes, with biscuits selling out on both occasions. They must have liked me and had good feedback as a member of the PTA contacted me asking if I wanted to have a biscuit stall again this year. My friend Christine has always helped me with the stalls in exchange for a selection of biscuits. For a pair of short people it is always an experience putting up the gazebo, though it didn’t rain the wind definitely made things that little bit more challenging! One of the things I really like about this school and the stall holders they offer spots to is how friendly and polite they all are. We didn’t have enough pegs to secure the gazebo and another stall holder selling homemade jams and cakes loaned us some. Without those extra pegs I definitely don’t think our gazebo would have survived!

Even though I didn’t sell out of everything this time it was still enjoyable and a few people remembered me from last year and bought from me again, plus I had some biscuits to sell at work.

I have been asked to make a few birthday cakes for people I know. I’ve decided that baking as a business isn’t for me, even though it didn’t ever really take off, the few cakes for strangers that I did make, it was too stressful for me alongside a full time job. I like to bake for fun and to make the odd cake for someone here and there. It won’t ever make me a millionaire because I don’t charge the earth for the things I bake but I somehow manage to make people happy enough that they’ll come back and ask me for a cake or bunch of biscuits again or raise money for a good cause which in turn makes me happy, that’s good enough for me. 🙂


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