Brexit; end of life as we know it?

Slight exaggeration with the title but no doubt things are going to definitely change.

I didn’t pay much attention to the build-up prior to the EU referendum and as it drew closer I become increasingly very fed up with just listening about immigration, this seemed to be the main topic on politicians and members of the publics minds. I hadn’t made up my mind and if I wanted to information about how staying / leaving the EU would affect me financially and how it would affect the economy, I would have to find out myself. That wasn’t an easy task as the reality was no one really knew the answer as to what would definitely happen were the UK to leave or to stay in the EU. I was being asked to vote on a decision which could potentially have serious implications on mine and the rest of the country’s future based on assumptions and what ifs.

I did voted and am not ashamed to say I voted stay, simply based on better the devil you know and I didn’t then and still don’t now, trust or have much faith in our government to actually do right by the people of the UK.

As it so happens that on the 23rd June the majority of the UK voted to leave the EU; 52% to 48%. This has caused an uproar with petitions and demonstrations calling for a second referendum. The petition calling for a second referendum was started in May, long before the referendum took place in June. Since the Brexit vote has reached 4.1 million, due to the large number of signatures will now be debated in Parliament on the 5 September, this by no means the decision will be overturned and a second referendum will take place.

Even though I don’t agree with the decision to leave, it is a decision that was made by the people of the UK, mostly by a generation who want to go back to the UK they grew up in, that unfortunately no longer exists and will not ever exist again. The younger generation are concerned they are the ones who will be dealing the repercussions of this vote for years to come.  Not everyone voted, even on my own Facebook a few people posted their reasons for not voting (turnout of 72.2%, according to the Electoral Commission) but still a democratic decision has been made and that decision has to be followed through.

Unfortunately following Brexit, the pound has taken knock though I think this is from the initial shock of leaving the EU and (fingers crossed) will bounce back once things have settled down.

There is the worry about those who have come from Europe to work in the UK and have established themselves here.

I currently work for an NHS Health Trust, if you don’t already know this then where have you been but a percentage of NHS nurses are from outside the UK, the NHS is already suffering a shortage of nurses. Not to mention the £350 million EU money Nigel Farage apparently pledged to spend on the NHS but has since back tracked on that pledge saying this was a mistake made by the leave campaign.

The Brexit vote has also shown the ugly side of all of UK pubic with a few unintelligent, racist, ill-mannered people have decided that this vote has given them right to openly be abusive, racist and rude to those they deem should leave the UK. Skilled people from inside and outside of Europe work in the UK but are now fearing for their futures with even the likes of Michael Gove saying ‘we’ve had enough of experts’, coming from the person who is an expert in putting undue stress on the education system and stabbing his fellow politician in the back to get ahead himself.

I know there are two sides to every story but the reality of this situation is going to hit home soon and the rose tinted country the Brexit politician’s painted is not something that is going to happen overnight, there are going to many changes and guaranteed a large percentage of the public aren’t going to be happy with them. It’s going to take about take two years to fully leave the EU so the country should have enough time to figure things out.

At work I’ve been trying to give daily Brexit updates to try and keep in loop as to what is happening. Not going to lie, I don’t always understand the economic reports but I have become a bit more interested in what is taking place and trying to learn about the implications of decisions being made. This is all serious, but is a topic of conversation and gives a bit of entertainment, least in the way I share the updates.

I still not convinced the vote to leave was the right one and that for a period of time at least we’re screwed. What’s done is done, it’s a case of suck it up and see what happens next.


2 thoughts on “Brexit; end of life as we know it?

  1. I went into black despair when I heard the result – still can’t believe it’s happened

    and the huge increase in abuse/attacks on anyone who is not white and british by racist, fascist thugs is sickening !


    • I agree, it’s one thing the majority voted out but the ignorant tw@ts who seem to think this decision gives them the right to treat those who are not white & British in such a disrespectful, abusive manner. This is the negative image that’s being portrayed, all sad really.


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