Me and 2016 so far…

Only yesterday it was the beginning of January 2016 and now here we are in November, another year almost over and another birthday of mine not too far around the corner. Though this year has been like no other and one that will always be remembered for both it’s wonderful highs and heart breaking lows.

I have a new job working in the Communications team on secondment. I’m learning lots of new things and further developing pre-existing skills, on the whole I think this is a good move and hopefully will create new opportunities in the future. I still work with my old team with the events but do more from a Communications perspective.

Downside is sadly my dad passed away in August. It wasn’t something we were expecting and I was really hoping that he would have been here to see me get married but it wasn’t meant to be. Since then I have been going through a range of emotions, and dealing with things the best I can. I’m on hiatus from exercising at the moment, once dad went into hospital there wasn’t really any time for it. Since then my heart has not been in it, I’ve been to the gym a few times but no kickboxing. It has helped that prior to my dad going into hospital I had met someone who has been supportive and caring throughout. He isn’t the person my parents would have chosen for me but he has all the qualities of a being a decent person and we look good together!

For some time, it felt like when I eventually slept my heart would heal only for it break all over again once I woke up. My heart still isn’t healed and those who experience a loss like this will know that you don’t ever get over it you just learn to live with the ache. I’m coming out of the dark place where my head was cloudy, heavy and I was angry a lot. As tragic as this experience has been sadly it has also revealed those people who are fake and selfish, people who don’t add value to my life. Life is too short to be upset by the actions and behaviour of those type of people. In turn this experience has also revealed the handful of people who are there in the distance in case I need them.

Work have been brilliant, If I have needed extra time I have been given it, in all honesty I needed to be kept busy and starting the new position helped to do just that. People have been sensitive and understanding if I haven’t wanted to talk about things or if I have a mini breakdown, to just let me get on with it until I feel better.

I’m not back into kickboxing but I am back into baking. At first it did look like I had lost my baking mojo as everything I seemed to make tasted awful and was only good for the bin, that’s right they weren’t even good enough to feed to the foxes!

img-20161101-wa00011Step by step I have begun to have little success with chocolate cake and muffins, even venturing into the world of bread, making milk buns and naan. I think my naans looked and felt more like fluffy chapatti’s but still tasted good. I didn’t really follow a recipe for these, winged it and threw in some flour, yeast sometimes a bit of baking powder, pinch of salt and enough warm water to make a basic dough.

The milk buns were new to me; I stumbled across them whilst browsing on the social 20161023_1233011media site Pinterest. I don’t have the patience to wait hours for the dough to rise so set about finding a slightly simpler and quicker recipe, eventually finding this one on YouTube. I was pleasantly surprised with how these buns turned out, light, fluffy and smelled great. Next time I make these I’m going to add some chocolate chips or maybe some sultana’s.

Since being together my nicer other half has discovered his own passion for cooking, even a lasagne is no longer as straightforward as it sounds; he plays with flavours, different spices tweaking the taste every time he adds a seasoning before deciding if the mince is ready to be layered with the pasta and sauces. For many reasons I’m pleased he is like this, one I like food with plenty of flavour and has a bit of a kick, I can cook but he is better. It has also encouraged me to try cooking and baking more by attempting new things with him as guinea pig, such as the naans. Cooking together is a lot more enjoyable and we bounce ideas off each other. We’ve experimented with different types from making curry to cooking a lasagne, with spices thrown in of course. Our next culinary experiment is going to be chicken biryani. I’ll update you about the success of this in my next post.

In between all of this was my youngest brothers graduation. We were all very proud of him, it was a long but good day and the photos turned out nice. It was a happy moment we needed in the midst of everything that had been going on. 14908226_1416492285031120_6444585488202007710_nEarlier this month it was my youngest sister’s birthday, of course we signed the card also from dad which set of the tears but then we were fine once we got them our of our system. I did make a cake, not my best work but it wasn’t completely bad either.

That’s all I can think of for now, anything else I remember will have to go in my next post as this one is already starting to look like an essay! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Me and 2016 so far…

  1. I’m so sorry to read about your father’s unexpected passing. The loss can be overwhelming at times, and the days and months that follow are very difficult.

    When I read your post, I thought about my mom’s unexpected death in 2002. Her death hit me like a ton of bricks, and the grief during that time remains the purest, most uncomplicated, and heartbreaking emotion I have ever experienced.

    But I can attest that you will get through this!!! It will take time, true, but you will. And in that twisted way that life sometimes presents, it sounds like you have someone special in your life to help you through. I hope that works out for you!

    Sending healing wishes from across the pond,


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  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your father’s passing. I, too, lost my father earlier this year, and I’m right there with you. The thing with grief, as I’m sure you know, is that it ebbs and flows like waves, and all we can do is feel it and let it pass. I’ve learned that there’s no such thing as getting over it; there’s just learning to live with it, and hopefully becoming stronger in that process. I wish you comfort and strength.

    Thank you for liking my most recent blog post, and I will certainly be following your page from here on out :). Take care!

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    • I’m sorry for you loss as well, it is a very difficult thing but we find a way to carry on and laugh, smile and enjoy life.
      I wish you all the strength and support in the world. 🙂


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