Happy Wednesday!

Morning people!

I’m hoping to avoid as many negative thoughts as possible today, Donald Trump has won the USA presidency election but as with Brexit, no point crying about the outcome the public voted, it’s more a case of what happens next. Good luck America!

It’s pouring with rain over here in young Essex, lots of drivers on the way to work with interesting driving skills that I’m sure are not taught whilst learning to drive such as doing a several point turn in the middle of a busy road with oncoming traffic, but then I did pass my test 20 years ago so things may have changed since then. Once I got my breath back and managed to stop my car without hitting the car in front of me (always a bonus when that happens) I went back to dancing as much as a person can dance whilst in control of a chunk of metal, along to the music playing via Bluetooth. I’ve been getting into Asian music lately, don’t always understand all of it but that is when Google comes in use and it seems to help improve my understanding of Hindi. If you’re interested this is the song that go me through the drive this morning;  ZERO HOUR MASHUP 2015 | Best of Bollywood | DJ Kiran Kamath | T-Series

jelly-babies_0_0_180_355_9192This could have been seen as a negative; I went to eat some Haribo jelly babies which I thought were suitable for vegetarians, now I’m not so sure. So I’ve given them away to the rest of the team. The silver lining here is I have avoided going into a sugar coma by overdosing on jelly babies.

All in all not a bad start to the day, it could be worse…it could be snowing!


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