The tale of Movember & the Fitbit


Those of you who don’t know, this is the month of Movember, the month where men are encouraged to grow a moustache in support of men’s health; encourage men to look after their mental and physical wellbeing. Yes we know men like to be seen as the strong and protective but you’re only human too. There is nothing sexist about this project, ladies are encouraged to get involved; Mo sista’s, if you wish ladies you too can put aside the hair removal products and bleaching creams to show your support or alternatively take part, arrange events encouraging men to get talking about their health and letting them know the different forms of support that is available to them.

14938372_901917079907957_6141922829369801878_nWorking for a health trust and one that also provides mental health services it would have been a bit daft of us not to get involved in this cause. We took part in an event organised by Fitness in Mind, The Brentwood Leisure Centre & Basildon Disability Forum. It was an entertaining day encouraging members of the public to come and view the different stalls and find out what support and help is out there if they are worried about any aspect of their health. Fitness in Mind offer free exercises classes, as you know getting those happy chemicals in your body moving benefit your physical and your mental help. Release the aggression and tension in your body so hopefully you feel more relaxed and get to meet some new people.

Whilst on the topic of exercise, colleague and I took part in a little raffle and the prize was a Fitbit, guess who won? It would be me, the person who hasn’t seen the inside of a gym or dojo in a number of weeks going into months! I am thinking about giving it to my cwl1nfuw8aa9-e2sister as a present as she has been after one but now the manager of our employee engagement team is asking how I am getting along with the fitbit, I think so she can turn it into some kind of feature to promote staff health & wellbeing. Fortunately I haven’t reached the size of house considering what my diet had been consisting of, don’t worry I have rediscovered fruit that isn’t covered in chocolate or is a cake ingredient. Exercise is something that hasn’t been a 2fec2283428d52fdfe06130e06d47165regular occurrence in my weekly routine for a while, I have found a few yoga and kickboxing for exercise YouTube, after the kickboxing video although I really  enjoyed I had to have some orange juice and lay down afterwards; adrenaline was going into overdrive. Could give the kickboxing video another try  and see what happens, it would help improve my fitness and get me ready for when I do eventually feel ready to go back to a kickboxing class. Will let you know if the fitbit ever makes it out of its packaging!

Whilst I battle with the exercise demons you can spread the word, grow those tache’s to your desired style and help stop men dying too young.


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