Dumping ground no more!


After what has felt like years the council have decided to take some kind of action against the fly tippers who consistently dumped all manner of junk round the side of my house, and near the parking area. At one point there was nearly enough furniture to furnish a living room; sofa suite, TV stand, even enough carpet remnants for a rug.

This summer was particularly bad with people specifically driving round with their cr@p and them proceeding to break up pieces furniture or just leave their junk then drive off. If they can drive here then they can drive a bit further and take it to the local tip but that would involve using common sense. One lady whilst walking her dogs in the dark detoured from the main street to leave broken gardening equipment (think it was a strimmer) then wander back to the direction she came from and carry on walking her dog. I would say this is shocking but little surprises me about the human race these days.

During the last dumping session of paint, bits of wood, broken toys, it was noticed that I wasn’t the only one getting fed up with this, someone had decided to make use of one of the pieces of wood to leave a message to the ‘dumper’; ‘this is not a dump site please take your rubbish home’ this was later followed up with ‘If you don’t take your rubbish I will dump it in your garden’, possibly someone in the neighbourhood knew who the culprit was. Few days later the rubbish was gone, I think most likely it was removed by the council. Since then apart from the usual rubbish bags there has been no more cr@p left. Even a friend made a comment saying I thought something was different, no household, gardening etc junk left dumped on the side of my house.

Lets see how long this lasts after all Christmas is not far off.


2 thoughts on “Dumping ground no more!

    • Hi Aleks, it would be up to the council to decide this, and where it would be best positioned as that side of my house also overlooks neighbours houses / gardens and a public car park. Some neighbours may not like the idea of the cctv recording so much.
      The sign so far seems to be doing the job as little junk as been left.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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